Wednesday WIP Concerto

Before we begin this Wednesday WIP Concerto in the Key of K silent, the WIPs would like you to know that the photos are lousy because I had a very late day at work and arrived home after sunset (yes, it is just a couple days past the summer solstice where I live). The poor quality of the photography in no way reflects upon the nature and quality of the WIPs (who believe they have arisen spontaneously from my knitting baskets, all laws of inertia cast aside) and resides, in fact, in my inability to take good photos with incandescent lighting. I was determined however to show my WIPs this Wednesday following in the splendid examples of Turtlegirl. So as the house lights dim…

I. Allegro, in a simple, yet colorful, manner
Pete's Socks: 1st Cuff
Pete’s Socks: Cuff #1 in Chocolate Cherry from Claudia’s Hand Painted Yarn.

These socks are for Pete, the 80+ year old lady who hosts the book group I belong to. She likes browns and reds. This Chocolate Cherry is making spiral stripes in 2×2 rib, and I think that is just fine.

II. Rondo

75% done

The Fuchsia bag goes round and round and is now 75% done. Mods are a coming. I refuse to buy size 13 dpns to knit 18 million feet of I-cord for a strap. I intend to make strap holder holes with grommets and not haul the bag out of the machine while felting every 5 minutes to stick my fingers through YOs to keep them open. I don’t intend to decorate my bag with needle felted sheep as the pattern indicates. I will decorate the bag, but I intend to use the skills of the first needlecraft I learned from my mother. You’ll have to wait to learn what that craft is, as I like the idea of my mother trying to guess remember what that craft is.

III. Allegro con brio
Clarence Border in Habu Silk
Clarence Border from VLT in Habu tsumugi 100% silk yarn

What’s a concert without a little lace? Victorian Lace updated for today’s styles no less (are readers starting to notice that I can be sarcastic?). I bought this Habu yarn from Pam when she destashed a bit a month or so ago. She mentioned in at least 2 emails that Victorian Lace Today showed one of its wide-bordered scarves in this yarn. I tried that pattern, which is quite pretty (page 88), and even though my faggoting and lace motifs all lined up, I was short 4 stitches about half way through the first repeat. This happened twice. I decided I had always wanted to knit the Clarence Border (page 83) and all is now happiness. Well, except for the fact that the border repeats are non-symmetrical if you do all 3 called for. See along the top of the border the repeating small and big triangles of double YOs? 3 repeats would result in small-big-small-big-small-big and 6 diamond shapes along the bottom. I shall knit 2.5 repeats, removing the last big triangle and making 5 diamond shapes along the bottom. Much better.

Faithful readers can no doubt flip through previous post of mine and find recents WIPs for which there is no FO post. Well, the wimple needs blocking. And I disavow all knowledge of any other WIPs this week. I don’t believe there is anything more to say on the subject.

15 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP Concerto”

  • Great post! Nice projects (do I see a color theme here?!) and you even sort of mention bassoons in your concerto (Faggot is the German word for bassoon) so what’s not to love?! 🙂

  • The Habu scarf is great. I keep paging through VLT, and trying to imagine what I should knit from it. They seem very intimidating, but yours is really lovely! I keep starting new stuff too, with little regard for the WIPs. They can get over it. 🙂

  • Yes, I think there is a color theme going on here. Hot colors for summer? It sounds like the mods you’re making are more than reasonable– yay for practicality!

  • I’m loving the lace from the last UFO! Summer just seems ideal for lace, doesn’t it? I am also excited to learn what your “mystery skill” is. 🙂

  • Lovely! I’m really enjoying all the bright reds and pinks. And so happy to see that the Habu is being put to good use. 🙂 Did I really mention the scarf that much? Sorry — it’s probably because I knew I’d never get around to knitting it myself, much as I wanted to!

    And there are quite a few errors in VLT — I tried the first few rows of Victorian Ruby 5 TIMES before I considered that my meager lace skills might not be the problem! Knitting Universe printed the corrections in this pdf file.

  • The socks in Chocolate Cherry look great. What a beautiful colorway!

    The scarf is beautiful. That Habu yarn in gorgeous. What a perfect way to use it!

  • Ha ha! I especially love the socks. What a yummy color combination, and no danger of excessive calories! Sometimes, with fantastic yarn, simple ribbing is the best way to show it off.

  • Every time I take a break from my cardigan project, I flip through VLT and plan my next project. I did the opera fichu and there were no errors in the pattern (my issues were all fibre-choice related), but I understand that there are several patterns with small problems. I love that lace!

  • Brenda- I left a comment yesterday- it seems to have disappeared.
    I think that VLT is a great book, but it does have more errors than XRX has let on- so it may not be you.

    Pete will love her socks.

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