Acquisitions: Daylilies and Yarn for Stripes!


On a Saturday, M and I can often be found with friends touring around Amador County here in California wine tasting. Many times I drove us (I’m almost always one of the designated drivers) by the Amador Flower Farm with over 1000 (!) varieties of daylilies for sale. One Saturday afternoon last August, knowing we were going to remove a large swath of lawn and replace it with drought tolerant plants, I pulled in and we took a look. The owner told us to come back in September when all the daylilies are on sale, and also wouldn’t curl up and die as soon as we put them in. So we did. And now we have some beautiful drought tolerant daylilies.

Salvia, daylilies and yarrow play nice together and are all as rugged as pretty flowers can be.
High noon and these flowers take a beating from the sun, but they are doing well.
Early morning light, and today’s flowers just opening with yesterday’s spent blooms.

When it’s over 100 outside, the daylilies don’t get a break, but I go into the AC and knit. Recently, I decided I needed some more crochet hooks for fixing mistakes, and then I needed enough merchandise to get free shipping. Hence I purchased some Wool of the Andes sport weight to knit Puck by Boo Knits, a striped crescent-shaped shawl. I need to finish some other things before casting on, but I am pleased with the colors (one never knows when ordering online).

Green Tea Heather, Fairy Tale, and Cobblestone Heather

I seldom knit multicolored projects, so this will be fun.
Happy Knitting!

2 thoughts on “Acquisitions: Daylilies and Yarn for Stripes!”

  • 1000 types of daylilies?! I had no idea there were so many. Daylilies are SO hardy – and they spread industriously. There’s a house I walk by regularly where the lawn is entirely hostas and daylilies – I wonder which plants will win that battle?

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