Stripes and Daisies

While looking for lightweight knitting projects to humor my bad elbow, I found a sock cuff started on wooden dpns, so I thought I would work on those. The colorway is Cinco de Mayo in Panda Sock from Seacoast Yarns. Maybe I can have the pair done by the holiday.
Cinco de Mayo Sock: WIP
It’s not self-striping per se, but it’s turning out pretty stripey! These are the craziest colored socks I’ve knit; they really are highlighter bright, but they are also very cheerful. I’m trying the gusset decreases on the bottom of the foot, a trick that I learned about from Cristi Brockway. She has a sock pattern Tortuga Twist that uses these gusset decreases. She’s been using them a lot, so I just remembered how she had blogged about it, although I really like the pattern and plan to get it. She claims they make a nice cup shape to fit the heel.

I also found some ink/navy yarn I had bought years ago when yarn shopping with a friend who thought I should knit lace gloves. Well, I really didn’t want to do that, but we were in a small yarn shop, and I felt the pressure to buy. The shop went out of business years ago, so this has been in stash for ages, and the friend dropped me when I wouldn’t read The Shack for her book group. Oh, well. I also had 2/3 of a skein this semi-solid burgundy, and I thought they would go together well in a chevron scarf. Plus it gave me a project for my cute knitting-sheep project bag.
Chevron Scarf II: WIP
I am using the simple pattern I made up from a chevron stitch pattern I found on the interwebs. That’s where the first 1/3 of the burgundy skein went. It really looks different when used with Woodland multi-color.
Chevron Scarf
And what Easter Weekend post would be complete without some flowers? My three gerbera daisy plants survived our “winter” and two are blooming. They put up the flowers on four inch stems, like they weren’t real sure this was a good idea with our unseasonably cool spring, but the flowers are gorgeous.
red gerbera daisy
Yellow gerbera daisy

7 thoughts on “Stripes and Daisies”

  • Your Cinco de Mayo socks look appropriate for Easter knitting as well! I’m glad you found a project that’s easy on the elbow.

    Beautiful flowers!

  • Beautiful flowers. Beautiful scarf. (I’ve always loved the look of a simple chevron scarf — and the color combination in yours is just stunning!). And beautiful socks, too!

  • Now those are some cheerful socks! Love ’em! Who needs the type of friend that would drop your for not reading a book? I looked up the book and I wouldn’t have read it either. The scarf looks great, though. I hope the elbow is fully recovered soon!

  • Those book groups are cut throat! I wouldn’t read The Shack either, particularly on demand.

    I love those colors in the chevron stitch! Beautiful.

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