Under Pressure!

Oy! M and I have been under the gun at work: papers to get ready to submit and data for grants to acquire. Oy! I didn’t mean to be away for so long, but I’m still catching my breath. At least these were all good things to be doing as a research biochemist, but it did make me a veg every evening. But while vegging I got a little done in the knitting department (there’s a FO to block and another to photo, but not today). Let’s look at some sock stuff. I’ve finished the first Amethyst Roger sock:
Amethyst Roger Sock #1
And I’ve also finished the first Rose Quartz Calcareous sock (don’t the gusset decreases on the top of the foot flatter the cable pattern):
Rose Quartz Calcareous Sock #1
Because I’m not one to knit two matching socks one right after the other, I started this little ribbed sock in some BFL from Huckleberry Knits; the color is Winesap:
Winesap Ribbed Sock: leg
And I started another sock, where I plan to do the gusset decreases on the bottom of the foot, as I’ve heard that makes for a nice fitting heel. This is STR in Waterlilies, and I really like the colors:
Waterlilies Sock: WIP
And just for some flowery beauty, at the Sacramento farmers’ market, I bought some pink gerbera daisies and chartreuse spider mums. I just couldn’t resist; they were so fresh and pretty:
Pink Gerbera and Mum Bouquet

Happy knitting!

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