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Before we tour my bead room, a note to new commenters to the blog. I love everyone’s comments, except for all the spam I have been getting. Therefore, if you haven’t commented here before, your comment will require my approval before it goes up. If you want anyone else to see your comment, I suggest it not read like this: “Youre the ones with the brains here. Im whaticng for your posts” or “I thank you humbly for snaharig your wisdom.” Weirdest spam, but M said these were “entry” comments to see if I was paying attention. Bad spam was sure to follow.

Let’s tour the Bead Room! a.k.a. my craft room. Last weekend I got it all reorganized and cleaned. I call it the bead room, because when we first moved here, I did beading and no knitting. Now I do 90% knitting and 5% beading/jewelry making and 5% other (sometimes referred to as playing solitaire on one’s iPad). From the door:
Bead Room from door
My knitting books with a yoga bolster in the corner so I can pretend to work on my posture while perusing patterns:
bolster corner
Red leather chair for knitting and reading (when I’ve given up on having good posture):
Red leather chair
Counter-height work space that I use as a standing computer desk, because standing is healthier than sitting (I’m currently typing this while sitting in the red leather chair (with bad posture)):
high counter as computer desk
Low work area for when sitting is necessary for fine motor skill tasks (or I’m too lazy to stand). And I absolutely deny that the white chest of drawers is full of sock yarn. No comment on whether it is 2/3 full:
low work area
Massive shelving storage for beads and beading books (and M’s woodworking and gardening books–orchid growing requires lots of books), a place to stack small project bags that isn’t called a floor, ditto for the camera backpack.
storage shelves
The cool thing is, M helped me get the supplies and make the set up so that shelving storage becomes a small photo studio. I did this set up today in less than 5 min, which included forgetting and then remembering how to set up the light stands so that they wouldn’t fall over.
Bead room as photo studio
With repositioning the lights and the camera a bit, I can then snap photos of yarn (or cocktails if one is trying to make M happy) that come out like this (with minimal tinkering):
DIC Everlasting 8 ply sock yarn

Top: Dream in Color Everlasting 8 ply sock yarn in Passion
Middle: String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn Caper Sock in Shale
Bottom: Crafts Meow Gelato in Campfire Marshmallow

11 thoughts on “Tour of the Bead Room”

  • Your bead room looks great I like the posters on the wall behind you chair.

    That cabinet doesn’t count if its only 2/3rd full.

  • What a nice room! I’m totally impressed with the photo set up and the yarn pictures.

    I’ll leave you a spam comment I got on an old post about socks:

    it also made me weepy-in a wonderful way. thank you, angela.

  • What a wonderful work space! I especially like the inviting red leather chair. That would be my favorite spot. . . bad posture and all!

  • Nice craft space! I’m in awe.

    Is that a needlepointed pillow on your leather armchair?

    You’re getting those weird comments too? I even got one at Goodreads. Feh.

  • Great photos! I have some supplied for photography at work. I should take it home and experiment, so my yarn can look as lovely as yours. 😉 I am very jealous of your wonderful space. My craft space is a walk in closet that also houses everything else that doesn’t have a good spot (old computer, pool toys, kids’ artwork).

  • You have a lovely studio! 🙂 I have a lovely studio too – but it’s not NEARLY as large or organized – it does the job though.
    🙂 Love the photo shoot set up.

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