Sock Stories

I thought I’d let my sock WIPs do the talking here. Warning: they’re a little disgruntled.
Single Socks
Hi! I’m the sock on the left. Aren’t I just a multi-colored dream?! I’m knit out of Handmaiden Casbah in Dandelion, so I’m soft too with 10% cashmere. I’m divine, but I’m a single sock! What’s the problem you ask? Well, she couldn’t decide whether to knit me up as Pablo Deep, as I am, or Cookie A’s Monkey, so now she is considering knitting my mate in the Monkey pattern. She can’t decide. How lame is that?
Sock on the right here! Do you know why I am only one sock? Because my cuff ribbing doesn’t line up well with my lace pattern (see below). Whose fault is that? She did K2,P2 rib without even thinking, when employing just one extra neuron would have told her that K2,P3,K2,P1 ribbing would have been perfect. She didn’t notice until she grafted the toe shut. That’s the opposite end of the sock! Now she wants to knit my mate in a different pattern. But–she can’t remember which pattern. How dumb is she? I mean, seriously.
Little Arrowhead sock: cuff detail
Roger Sock WIP
Aren’t I knitting up beautifully? On the outside that is. On the inside I’m evil:
Roger Sock on the Inside
Bwaa-ha-ha! My yarn ran into some serious integrity issues, and now she doesn’t know how durable I’ll be! But, I am beautiful on the outside!
STR Socks WIPs
We are Socks that Rock socks. I, on the left, am mediumweight in Puck’s Mischief knit in the stitch pattern Gentleman’s Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I am STR and I am NOT pooling! I am for knitting when she is too inebriated for knitting anything more complicated. She needs to drink more, so I and my mate can be completed.
I, on the right, am lightweight STR in Bejewelled; she started me in Anne Hanson’s Chicklets Sock pattern on a bad day when she needed cheering up. I’m very cheerful! She needs to be depressed more, so she finishes me and my mate.
Calcareous Sock WIP
Hi, I’m also being knit from STR lightweight in Rose Quartz. I’m Calcareous by Hunter Hammersen. Aren’t I turning out well?! I would be much farther along, except she can’t cable, especially at the end of needles, when she has had a cocktail. She needs to stop drinking and finish me and knit my mate.

Thanks for listening to all our sock stories! Perhaps you can whip (hee-hee) her into shape for us!
–The Sock WIPs

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