A FO for keeping warm: Garnets

I finished knitting Garnets, my version of Jewels by Amy King from Knitty First Fall 2010 a couple of months ago, and I’ve worn it several times. I was concerned that the bulky wool (Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Raspberry) combined with the open front would result in the vest either being too hot or too cold. However, for work and at home, it has worked out quite well: not too hot or too cold.
Garnets 2
This was my first top-down knitting experience, and I did like being able to try it on as I went. I was able to determine that I needed to make the sleeves wider without making the body wider, and I was able to place increases at the side hip so that the fronts would hang straight, at least when I stand up straight, which is rare. I also knit this with zero ease in the bust, and that was OK, as I can wear it closed with a shawl pin, but I would think twice before doing that again, especially on a cardigan.
Garnets 1
This was also the first cable project where I ripped out a cable that I crossed on the wrong row and just repaired the cable. That was much, much easier than I thought it would be.
Garnets: cable repair
I did not like how the sleeves and body were joined in this pattern, as there were no body stitches bound off or held to attach the underarm sleeve stitches to. I ended up with some very stretched stitches under the arm which I bound up when weaving in ends. I either understood the pattern terribly wrong, or the design wasn’t the most structurally sound.

Garnets 3

I was also concerned that the single ply yarn and seamless construction would not have enough structure to maintain its shape, but so far, neither has been a problem. I reaffirmed that I shouldn’t knit myself sweaters with raglan sleeves; I’m just not built for that style to fit well. So, top-down doesn’t need to be a consideration for me, but raglan sleeves, no matter the construction method, are a no-go.

All in all, a good project. I used 7 year old yarn from my stash; I learned I can repair incorrect cables; I got experience knitting top-down and tailoring the fit a bit. And I’m warm.

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