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Thanks to everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes for my Grandmother Frances. My mom commented on all your comments to the effect that knitters are kind people. Yes, indeed.
Here’s a little look at what a week in January looks like in the northern Central Valley of California (if you look at a map, I live 20 miles west of Sacramento). We get a lot of fog during the winter here. With the full moon this past week, M took this great morning photo of the moon setting through the fog.
Moonset with fog
This morning was foggy too, but I stayed inside and shot out the window. Yes, I’m lazy.
Morning Fog
To brighten the world up, I bought some yellow roses at the Sacramento Farmer’s Market last Sunday. I often buy flowers from the same flower farmer. He always has a big smile, will tell me the names of flowers that I don’t know, and he calls all women “sweetie” in the nicest possible way.
Yellow Roses
At work, I have a gerbera daisy plant on my window sill. It nearly died last summer when I tried to keep it outdoors. After I brought it back inside with only one leathery leaf remaining, it regained its will to live. I think the four blooms at once are a thank you.
Orange Gerbera Daisy Plant
Since M had a lot of weekend work to do on Saturday, I sat down to view a birthday DVD and work on the back of my new sweater project.
Notre Dame de Grace: back
The Lucy Neatby Knitting Gems 1 DVD is quirky in a good way. And I have learned a lot. I actually want to knit something with bobbles now! And picots! I don’t think it would be a good idea to just throw some in on this sweater, however. I’ve started Notre Dame de Grace by Veronik Avery. I’m knitting it in Cascade Ecological Wool in a natural grey sheep color. I’m hoping for a cozy pullover to throw on when M is hot and turns off the heat and opens the windows and it’s only in the low 50s outside. I always thought it was women in their 40s, not men, who got hot. Not here.

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