Foul Weather Thwarts FO photoshoots

I have five FOs, everyone! FIVE! See…
Five FOs
Clockwise from lower left: Peak Island Hood, Nubby Cardigan, Glace vest, Delicato mitts and gift socks.

But this has been the weather for days and days and days…
Sodden garden
Soggy Weather

Therefore, it’s been nigh impossible to take photos of the FOs with me wearing them. The mitts are a gift, and the cardigan and vest fit just fine, so I am pleased. The Peak Island Hood may not be long for this world, but I’ll save that and modeled shots of all the FOs for posts in the new year.

In three days we leave for the frozen Midwest to visit family, but no worries, M’s grandma’s socks (brown was requested) are done!
Grandma Weiss Christmas Socks 2009

So what to take to knit for the 12 days we’ll be gone? Well, the purple-grey stripey yarn I got for my birthday is going, and this sock I’ve started with STR mediumweight in Faulty Dyer is going:
Faulty Dyer STR cuff

I’ve just started Rivolo by Anne of Knitspot in LL Shepherd Sock in Mixed Berries:
Rivolo WIP
And using the shaping of Frost Diamonds by Stefanie Japel (the lace would be too hard for travel knitting) from the Winter Knitty, I’ve started a small version with fleck stitch instead of the lace. The yarn is Fleece Artist Casbah in Seashore (10% cashmere–very nice).
Casbah Seashore shawl

M and I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, and if you are traveling we wish you good roads, connections and a safe journey!
Merry Christmas! See you in 2010.
cat ornament

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