Hibernation Basket

Hibernation Basket
The Hibernation Basket: where naughty and/or disappointing WIPs go to await judgement. Shall we be brave and look at what is inside?
FLS in Hibernation Basket
Part of a February Lady Sweater. Lovely pattern. Lovely yarn color. The garter yoke fits. The yarn is NOT NICE. Not nice at all. It deplies itself, and it BREAKS. I’ve never had a knit stitch just break in the middle as I inserted the right needle into the loop. But this yarn did it at no apparent flaw. I had to tink back all the way to the broken stitch, and then back past it to create an end long enough to work in (>200 stitches all told). Not fun. The yarn (discontinued Bryspun Kin ‘n’ Ewe) is also scratchy, and I don’t think Cascade 220 or Wool of the Andes are the least bit scratchy. As far as this sweater in this yarn is concerned, the Hibernation Basket may be more of a hospice basket.
Lizard foot sock
A sock that makes my foot look like a lizard foot. My original plan was to do the cuff in this very narrow, long basketweave stitch pattern (Stanfield 10), and then do a standard slip stitch heel and a stockinette foot. I thought it would look veggie-like and organic. Somewhere along the line, I kept the heel flap in the pattern stitch and even did the pattern stitch on the gussets (do not try this; it is a mistake; it makes one’s foot look very fat). Very nasty all round. Going to the frog pond. I thought this Eat Your Veggies from Claudia’s Hand Painted would be brighter knit up.
Kiri with Yarn
Kiri! How sad! I’ve become allergic to the Suri alpaca! Baby alpaca and suri alpaca make my hands itch and my eyes water. I can’t stand to touch it. I so love the color of this yarn, a bright, true Christmas red, and I really liked how Kiri was turning out. But I can’t have it around at all. In fact, if any reader would like Kiri and it’s yarn, email me or leave a comment. It’s Frog Tree 100% brushed suri. I had 1000 meters (5 skeins), and Kiri so far is about one skein (7-9 repeats done–I really don’t want to handle it and count), so there are 800 meters untouched.
Dainty Bess WIP
Dainty Bess in Malabrigo laceweight! How did this end up at the bottom of the Hibernation Basket?! I like this project (even if it’s a little dull to knit) and I love the yarn and color. Out of the Hibernation Basket! Into a WIP basket! I hesitated in confronting my hibernating projects, but I’m glad I did, as I had completely forgotten about this little gem. I guess I should scroll down my projects page on Rav more often.

16 thoughts on “Hibernation Basket”

  • Oh, how sad about Kiri and the alpaca! 🙁 I have a similar problem with angora.

    Hmph about your FLS yarn. I don’t think I could continue with it – what if you get it finished and gorgeous and stitches break the first time you wear it?!

  • I’m also sad about the Kirir – but I can not stand alpaca – it itches horribly on me, and I can wear sturdy wool!

  • I’m also sad about the Kiri – but I can not stand alpaca – it itches horribly on me, and I can wear sturdy wool!

  • I’d love to take your Kiri, although I can’t promise finishing it anytime soon. I already have several lace projects languishing. I’m so sad you’re allergic to the yarn. Can I trade you for something you’re not allergic too, or do you just want it out of your house?

    I’m volunteering to take in your Kiri, partly because I’m so tempted at getting one in a partially done state already!

    If you don’t need the needles right away, I’d be happy to remove them when I receive the project, wash them, and mail them back to you.

  • The gem hiding in the bottom of the basket, I’m glad it was there to cheer you up! Malabrigo is so pretty. I’m glad that Kiri is getting a good home too, it’s too gorgeous to be homeless.

    That’s terrible about the Kin ‘n Ewe yarn! I’ve broken dpns (because I grip the bejeebies out of them but shhhh) but to have your yarn break putting a knitting needle into the stitch? Well, all I can say is Bad yarn. BAD. BAD. yarn.

  • oh noes! Sorry you are allergic to your Kiri. It will make another knitter very happy. When in doubt, rip it out. I usually feel better when I get rid of UFOs.

  • The Kiri is so pretty! I’m sorry to hear about the alpaca – it’s a very unusual fiber, isn’t it? The Malabrigo scarf looks great. Just the thing for waiting for spring to arrive!

  • How very brave of you to open the beautiful hibernation basket! I hear you on the alpaca. I recently gave away some alpaca blend yarn that had my sneezing like crazy.

  • Wow, my banished projects are all pretty ugly! Yours are pretty impressive. I’m sorry to hear about the allergy. 🙁 I hope you are able to find it a good home.

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