January Socks: Finished (in January, really!)

I did finish the Chili Pepper socks in January. 11:25 p.m. on January 31st to be exact. I told M I just couldn’t screw up the Sock Pair a Month in 2008 (started by Kelly of Kelp! Knits) in the first month. So, he left me in peace and I got the socks DONE.
Chili Pepper Socks
You may remember that the first sock had a yellow lightning bolt up the sole. This was not true of the second sock; it has a BIG RED SPOT.
Soles of Chili Pepper Socks
But the BIG RED SPOT (it needs all caps, trust me, I’ve seen it in person) is just fine and adds to the fun, bright nature of these socks. I really liked knitting with the Great Adirondacks Silky Sock yarn. And the socks are very comfortable.

For February, I’ll be knitting a single sock, but what a single!  I’m going to knit the mate to the Twisted Flower sock that Jean knit for me.  February is a short month, and this is an involved sock, so I think it’s a perfectly legit thing to do.  Plus, I want to wear the socks!

I hope you are all having a good week.  I’m off to knit.

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