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Once upon a time, long enough ago that I was a legal adult and M was still a minor, I used to sew a lot. Set-in sleeves were no big deal. I sewed the sleeve into a tube, the side seams of the body were done, and carefully adjusting my gathering stitches along the sleeve cap, I could set-in a perfectly fitting sleeve, sewing in a circle. The set-in sleeve process in hand knitting follows a different protocol, and frankly I have my doubts that anyone has ever really seamed a cap sleeve to armscye of a hand knit sweater. I think it may be a hoax. I mean, do you think this will work?
Minimalist Cardi sleeve fitting
The two sides of the sleeve’s cap are actually the same length, even though they look different in the photo. I checked after I saw the photo. Twice.

I hope it will work out as I really like how the blocked front looks going from moss stitch to stockinette. It’s my favorite feature of the Minimalist Cardi. Blocked Minimalist Cardi front

I am screwing my courage to the sticking point. Basting of the sleeve to the body with light grey yarn will happen before the real seaming. I’ll have M keep his fingers crossed while I baste and seam. After all, he is the Luckiest Man in the World–but that’s a story for another day.

In the meantime, let’s just take a little peek or two at my new sweater project.
Greed Tweed tease

That’s right, my friends, I’ve gots me my first TWEED yarn! I loves it with a deep and abiding passion. It’s a present from M (he’s not allowed to buy other knitters tweed yarn– sorry). It knits up like a dream.
Grey Tweed Pullover back 012708
Tahki Donegal Tweed; color 895

I know orange tweeds are all the rage, but I look like the walking dead in orange. But charcoal with black, white, burgundy, lime and butterscotch flecks–that’s perfect. Must go knit.

16 thoughts on “Sweater Stuff”

  • Seaming always seems (HA!) quite magical to me when it works. Good luck with yours. I think it looks like it will all match up.

    M found some pretty super tweed. It looks lovely knit up. I’m looking forward to the story. 😀

  • I’ve managed to avoid set-in sleeves, so I look forward to your experience with great interest. 🙂

    Ah, love the project that sucks one in – enjoy!

  • Whoa, baby! That’s some fabulous tweedy goodness, Brenda! I am intrigued, by the way, by your comparison of knitting to sewing techniques. Can’t wait to see how both projects turn out.

    Go, you!

  • I had the same qualms the first time I put in a semi fitted sleeve… but it worked. Still gives me some heebie jeebies, even though I know it will work. Love the tweeds. And love orange. Which actually looks good on me, versus some blues and kelly type greens that make me look like you do in orange!

  • Brenda- OMG- Tweed Porn!!!!

    I adore tweed, and the Donegal is gorgeous. Wait until you wash it- it gets softer.

    And I agree with you about the L.L. Bean colors- too old ladyish.

  • I can hear the tweed calling your name…Brenda, come hither. Its beckoning call sounds like an enchanting siren. You must go. I know. Come back later with more photos, though!

  • I don’t knit things with sleeves, so I can’t comment on the sleeve-y goodness. I love the cardigan. Hope everything works out! 🙂

    And I LOVE the tweed yarn!

  • It’s always hard to imagine that those two odd shapes will fit together so well, but they always manage it somehow. 🙂 The sweater will be fabulous. And they gray tweed–divine!

  • OH My I love the Twedy yarn and I think that is a great color.
    The cardi is looking fantastic. I am sure your sleeves will be beautifully seamed.

  • Good luck with the sleeves! I really hope they actually do fit, as advertised. It’s such a pretty sweater!

    The new sweater looks quite lovely. Tweed is so wonderful.

  • I’ve done sweater sleeves both ways- flat and tubular, and much prefer the flat method. I just subdivide the edge of each piece into sections with removable stitch holders (fold each section in half, and then again, etc.) to keep things even, and then blindly sew away. Your pieces look beautiful; that’s a sweater I may have to tackle.

    I love tweed yarn- yours looks mighty purty!

  • I’m also making a Minimalist Cardi and I’m so worried that my sleeves are never going to fit into the shoulders. I didn’t do my fronts, just my sleeves and back, but comparing what I have finished to what it should look like is frightening.

    I guess I can just rip out and knit a few extra inches to the sleeves.

    Pretty color blue.

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