Two Forgotten FOs

My previous post has contest info and is the post in which to leave comments for the first contest. So, if you haven’t already, go check it out. The first contest ends August 25th at noon PDT. The FOs will wait.

The thick and thin mitts have been done for quite a while. Since it is summer, after I finished them I put them away, and then it was out of sight out of mind, and I forgot to do a FO post. But I think they will come in handy when reading in bed and M has the thermostat set at 62 F. He likes a “cool” head.

Thick and Thin Mitts
These look a little bluer here than in real life. The sun was too low in the sky to do a photo shoot outside. As I made these up as I went along, I didn’t do too badly. There is a third “prototype” mitt due for frogging, and I still have an entire skein of yarn left (3 mitts with a little left over took 2 skeins). I think I may make a collar or ear warmer band to also wear in bed when I find it just too cold. That will be good for a snort from M. The yarn is DiVe Fiamma, 55 yd per skein, color 42175. I used US size 10.5 (6.5 mm) dpns.

I also finished the socks for Pete a few weeks ago. They are a 2×2 rib cuff and a stockinette foot with an Eye of the Partridge heel flap. The striping and pooling of the Claudia’s Hand Painted in Chocolate Cherry is eerily matching between socks. Pete told me she knit a lot of socks for family back in the 1940s-60s (she’s now in her 80s), but no one ever knit her a pair of socks, and she asked me last spring if I would. She likes browns with reds. Well, the Chocolate Cherry is a pinky red under incandescent lights and an light orangish red in sunlight. I hope she likes them, and they fit!
Pete's Socks

I still have one FO to block, and when I finally get that done, I’ll do a post, and we can all be amazed at how we had forgotten all about it for so long. But now it’s back to knitting and trying to find a little time to do some searching on Ravelry. If you had 1600 yd of a medium blue Baby Kid Extra mohair yarn, what would you knit? Let me know–you might be the 1000th commenter and win a prize! The 1000th comment is very close.

ETA:  Did you know that people can send you messages on Ravelry?  Of course you did.  I didn’t.  Thanks to everyone, all 21 of you, who have made me a friend  on Ravelry.  Just a few minutes ago I noticed the little message icon up by my user name.  Messages?  How handy!  I’ve never claimed to be the brightest bulb on the strand.

13 thoughts on “Two Forgotten FOs”

  • Hee hee, I did the same thing! Didn’t know until I had people e-mailing me saying – hey! Aren’t you looking into your ravelry mailbox??

    I love the mitts. I should maybe look into making a pair for myself, I have so thick/thin left over that would be perfect…

  • The mitts look great! I need something like that for when the office gets chilly and it gets hard to type.

    I’m just starting to understand how much time Ravelry can eat up… dangerous!

  • We keep our thermostat really cool, too. That way our upstairs is too hot and our downstairs is too cold 🙂

    It takes a while to figure out all the wonders of Ravelry!

    Your FOs look great! I love both of the yarns you used.

  • Brenda- I don’t know whether I’m happy about Ravelry or not- it sure takes up alot of time uploading pictures and stuff.

    Pete is getting her socks- yay!

  • 1600 yd of fine mohair will yield a LOT of shawl! I’d be looking in the direction of the Cap Shawl or the hexagon shawl in Victorian Lace Today.

  • Hmm, I’m not yet one of the lucky Ravelry people (I’m about 1900 people behind), but I can’t wait. I’m sooooo hoping I can get on before Christmas, as I have much-needed gift organizing to do!

    I’d use the yarn for something from Victorian Lace Today. I just bought the book, and everything in there is screaming for me to knit it. Ahhhhhh elegance!

  • I have been sadly neglecting my Ravelry account. I must get back to it! The mitts look very cozy. The chocolate cherry socks looks really nice as well. I’m sure Pete will love them!

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