Sparkly and Shimmery

So Monday evening I finished the first pink cabled sock. I started to cast on for the second but was having difficulty counting to 66. Apparently, I don’t count well after 10 in the evening. I decided to work on the chevron scarf as I only needed to be able to count to 5. I finished several inches and then lay down for a night of peaceful slumber only to awaken a few hours later having nightmares about knitting. Yes, I know you can imagine the horror. It wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate to say that I became a bit unglued at that point. I didn’t wake M because I didn’t think he’d understand. A nightmare about being in a car accident or falling from a high ledge, sure he’d be all solicitousness, but a nightmare about knitting? The upshot was that Tuesday evening I was a bit wary of the yarn and sticks, so I played with some sparkly beads instead.

Aquamarine faceted bead and pearl necklace

I was happy to see that I can still make wrapped wire loops that I’m not embarrassed to wear out into the world, so this little aquamarine colored ensemble graced my neck and ears today. The pearls are actually a pale aquamarine, too. It felt good to wear a new bauble. Now I feel ready to pick up the pointy stickes again, as I didn’t have nightmares last night of round-nosed pliers coming after me or being stoned with giant Czech glass and Austrian crystal beads.

The pink sock looks good, but I had it on my foot for a while, so it’s a little stretched out and wants a soak and block before it’s photo shoot. As I mentioned the chevron scarf grows longer, and until about 20 minutes ago, I’d completely forgotten that I need to block the Aran Pocket Shawl. But so as not to post without any knitterly pictures, I did splurge last week when I found the 150 g (600 m) skeins of Sea Silk at Colorsong Yarn.

Blackberry Sea Silk
This is Blackberry Sea Silk. We’re in love.

May your knitting dreams be blissful!

19 thoughts on “Sparkly and Shimmery”

  • Brenda- I love the smell of the Seasilk- very oceany!

    I’ve had knitting nightmares too, but have never talked about them. Glad we can be crazy togther.

  • Ha! That really made me laugh! I love your necklace set, too. I have fun with making wire jewelry, but haven’t done any in awhile. Yours looks so nice!

  • Very nice. Have any tips for wrapped wire loops. Mine don’t look too good, what tool is best? The seasilk is luscious. Pleasant dreams!

  • I’ve had knitting nightmares, too. Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂

    That new yarn is beautiful!

  • So M doesn’t understand knitting nightmares, yet you can flagrantly carry on with a ball of sea silk? Sometimes I just don’t understand men. The silk is gorgeous.

  • Oh, my. I think I love the Blackberry Sea Silk, too. I’ve so far been avoiding it, but I think my resistance is fading drastically…


  • Sorry you had a bad knitting dream! Sometimes I dream about my lecture topic if I’ve been up too late preparing for class. It makes for strange stuff!

    The necklace is beautiful! I’ve been playing with beading myself lately. It makes for such lovely and unique gifts (for oneself and others).

    That sea silk it gorgeous! I hope you’re in a committed relationship, or may just try to steal her away. 😉

  • Beautiful jewelry and beautiful yarn! I managed to pass some up recently telling myself to save for Maryland. *sigh*

    I haven’t had nightmares about knitting, but I seem to constantly have knitting on the brain when I wake up in the morning…


  • You weren’t by any chance sleeping on the needles were you? LOL, I don’t remember having any nightmares about knitting but I do knit in my sleep. 😉 And btw, I’ve only heard of Sea Silk recently and that stuff looks beauuuuutiful … I’ve got to find some of that! Whoawee. Oh, love the jewelry also. Do you make your own stitch markers too? I love the aqua sparkle.

    Thanks for stopping by my little place in the virtual world! Happy knitting.

  • Knitting nightmares?! What a concept. 😀

    I love the Sea Silk, the smells is so alluring. I love, love, love it!

  • I’ve had knitting nightmares, too. They’re horrible! LOL Love your new baubles. Beautiful. And speaking of beautiful, that seasilk is fabulous.

  • Oh no, not a knitting nightmare! Well, I’m glad you’ve recovered, and reached for some Sea Silk for comfort. 😀

    Beautiful jewelry!

  • Congrats on your new love 😉
    And the jewelry is beautiful. I really need to try my hand at that. I received some supplies for it last Christmas, so I really just need to go for it.

  • Ok i’m in lurve, blackberry sea silk is possibly the most gorgeous yarn colourway i have ever seen. mmm… unfortunatly given my past history with anything less than dk and having *mumble mumble* balls of lace weight sock weight and four ply, i really shouldn’t.

    oh sod it why resist i’m off to shop.

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