Sock Pretties with a FO

I have not been able to do much sock knitting since I slept on my elbow wrong in late June. Using barbecue tongs and knitting tightly on sock needles makes it ache. It’s odd but slowly mending. But doing just a few rounds at a time has allowed me to finish my Rose Quartz Calcareous socks.
Calcareous socks: FO
I really like the Socks that Rock lightweight for good cable pop!
Calcareous sock: cable detail
Although, I have to say this Rose Quartz colorway is not my favorite, and I do like pink. Here though it has too much lavender in it, and it looks more like luncheon meat than rose quartz.

You can also see that the gusset decreases are on top of the foot. The pattern is Calcareous by Hunter Hammersen of Violently Domestic. It’s a well-written pattern and the top-of-the-foot decreases fit the feet very well.
Calcareous socks: on feet
Hunter does interesting things with sock construction while maintaining top-down knitting, which is what I prefer. This cable pattern is rather ingenious in that it looks complicated, but most of the rounds are in fact just ribbing.
Calcareous sock: down leg

With those done, I went to knit the second sock of what I call my Corn on the Cob socks. It’s getting there.
Corn Cob Socks: WIP
I may have purchased that black/white/yellow boxy bag just for this pair of socks. I got it from ZigZag Stitches. This is my third bag from her, and they are really well constructed. I love the contrasting lining.
New boxy bag
Once I get this sock done, I plan to use this beautiful purple sock yarn.
Purple Cashmere Sock Yarn
It has cashmere in it!

Happy knitting!

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