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All the way from Cleveland

As I pulled into our parking space at home today after work, I saw a box left by the mailman next to our front door. I asked M what he had ordered. “Nothing that I can remember,” he replied. I walked to the door and picked up the box. “Where’s it from?” M asked.

“It’s from PCR, a surprise package for me!” I said.

“The polymerase chain reaction sent you a package?!” M asked. (PCR is a molecular biology method that M, PCR and I all use routinely in our exciting lives as biologists.)

“PCR is a knitting-blogger in Cleveland who is also a scientist. She won the Schaefer Anne yarn in my last contest.” I said, rushing into the house clutching my package. “I’ve never received a surprise knit-blogging package before, but then I’ve never sent one either. I’m not sure on the proper etiquette of acquiring peoples’ snail mail addresses.”

“Ah, the Wonderful World of Knit Bloggers!” said M in a tone indicating he was feeling a bit envious. Meanwhile I had whipped out my handy-dandy pocketknife and opened the package. Look what was inside!

Present from PCR

Please excuse the lighter prop. It was NOT sent through the mail system. It was just handy on the patio.

PCR wanted to thank me for sending her the Schaefer Anne (it was all due to the random number generator), so she sent me some lovely self-striping sock yarn (my favorite travel yarn), a deliciously smelling candle (Asian spices), and a box of chocolates. I’d share the chocolates with M, but with his recent wisdom teeth extraction, nut clusters and such are not on his acceptable food list. The box has a lot of nut clusters in it. Poor M, but it’s really for his best dental health that I eat all these chocolates.

This was very kind and generous of PCR and completely unexpected! It topped an already very good day. I learned the results from a biopsy I had done last week, that I do NOT have cancer. Excellent news! The socks from this yarn will be for me (I have two pairs of shoes they will go with), and they will always remind me of the kindness of the knit-blogging community and the good news I got today.

Happy Knitting!

19 thoughts on “All the way from Cleveland”

  • That is most excellent news. I’m so glad πŸ™‚ Although I’m sorry to hear that you’re forced to eat all of the chocolate.

    I’ve wondered how to send surprise packages, too! I’m glad you got such a nice one.

  • Very nice present and good news. Whenever DH says I am too much of a wimp to stand the pain of a tattoo, I threaten to show him my biopsy scar-wanna talk needles? Anyway, I love Meilenweit!

  • Thanks for sharing the good news! I’m glad to hear that everything is looking up. The chocolates and yarn are lovely. Enjoy the holiday, and happy knitting!

  • Wow, what a nice package! Also, congratulations on your good health news. By-the-way, my hubby is often confused by knit-blogger terms as well.

  • Oh, YAY for no cancer!! Congrats! In fact, I think you should do something special to celebrate the No Cancer (besides chocolates).

    And such a lovely thankyou package! I’m shameless about asking people for their snail mail addresses — if they don’t want to share, they don’t hafta. Though it does sort of spoil the surprise. πŸ˜›

  • Oooh, treats! Hooray! πŸ™‚

    And that Meilenweit cotton is one of the first colorways I’ve seen that doesn’t look like clown yarn. I had no idea they made subtle colorways, too! πŸ˜‰

  • Fun!! I love Meilenweit. I think I only say that about every third week or so. πŸ™‚

    I ask people – or I ask people who have obviously sent that person a package (based on blog reporting) and who would know that I am a reputable, not scary person!

  • When I read the part about PCR, I was confused. I thought to myself, “why would she be getting a package with lab equipment at her house?” Seriously. What a nice package! πŸ™‚

  • I’m glad the package got there so quickly and happy that you like the yarn. I have knit myself a pair of socks with the same yarn and really enjoy wearing them when it’s too hot for wool socks.

    When I read that M said, “The polymerase chain reaction sent you a package?”, I thought, “That sounds exactly like something my husband would say!”

    Also, glad you hear your good health news. What a relief!

  • Well, obviously, getting the surprise package of yarn and goodies is fabulous, especially when it contains such lovely yarn and yummy chocolates. But not having cancer is definitely worthy of a celebration! πŸ™‚

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