Welcome! Contest!

If you are coming over from my blogger blog, thanks for making the trip, and I hope to see you here often! If this is your first visit, welcome! I blog about my knitting, but there’s some other stuff as well, mostly cocktail stuff. To get the ball rolling, I’ve decided to have a contest. I know, you would rather see the 2 inches I have done on my second pink cabled sock, but you’ll just have to do with some pictures of lovely yarn. It’s hard being a reader of knitting blogs. To enter, leave me a comment before May 8th, telling me what you have named your blog and why you chose the name you did. If you are blogless, tell me what you would name your blog if you had to have one, and why you would choose that name. I see a lot of variety in blog names, some are simple and straight forward and some are mysterious, and I’m frankly curious as to why people choose the names they do. Everyone who comments in the appropriate manner will get their name entered and I’ll draw 2 winners on May 8th, M’s and my 8th wedding anniversary. So, let’s take a look at the prizes!

First up, we have a lovely, silky skein of Schaefer Anne in Jane Addams:

Second up involves a choice, as people have color preferences, so the second winner gets to choose between either of these skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Potluck in either Purple/Blues or Green/Blues (I trust, dear reader, that you can tell which is which).


Return visitors may note that I have finally figured out how to diffuse light to get a nicer photo. I feel so empowered. I’ve learned an elementary photography skill!

Well, why are you still reading? Enter!

125 thoughts on “Welcome! Contest!”

  • I’ll have to take door #3. I don’t have a blog, but I cannot take door #2 because the reason I have no blog is that I have yet to come up with a name that suits me. Maybe when I settle on exactly what my focus might be? Knitting, obviously. But still a little tighter focus, perhaps?

  • Congrats! Welcome to WordPress. πŸ™‚ And you will be posting about how to diffuse light to make gorgeous photos, right???

    Well, I named my blog Stumbling Over Chaos because… yup, I was stumbling over my cat, Chaos. Plus I thought it sounded cool.

  • I’m so confused…which is purple and which is green?
    My blog name is a joke spawned out of frustration. I have always had this aversion to the word hip…especially when linked with marketing. In knitting there is so much targeted to my age group with “hip” or “funky”, i.e. Funky Knits for Hip Young Things and many others. Although I dislike much of those things targeted towards me, I also realized that I miss out on some things that I might like because I am turned off by titles. (Yes, I do judge books by their covers…I also never buy books with the movie covers.)
    It is also a joke on the fact that neither Phil nor I have ever been big partiers/socialites are are both a bit on the reclusive side.

    All this led to Neither Hip nor Funky. I also like the proper sound of it…”Would you like a scone or a cake?” “I would like neither a scone nor a cake” (obviously must be said in a fake British accent.)

  • What inspired me to choose the name for my blog? I was reading an article about E.Z. and there was a quote where she said something about “needle to needle” and it just struck me. It not only describes knitting, but it also describes the blogging community where we get inspiration from what is on or has just come off someone else’s needles – the sharing.

    I enjoy visiting your blog and came over from the old one. This must be the blog-warming party.

  • Such gorgeous yarn! I second Chris’ hope that you’ll share your diffuse lighting knowledge. I named my blog Cottage46 Knitter because I couldn’t think of any clever play on the word knitting, and well, we live in cottage 46. So not creative.

  • My blog is called crafty cocktail. I started it with a friend, (but now it is just me) and we spent ages thinking – she makes clothes, and all sorts of things, I like to dye and adapt clothes, and I knit. We also both enjoy cocktails – I am obsessed with varieties of gin, very snobby about it, hence Ginny as a pseudonym, and she likes vodka as a base, hence Voddy. Lots of the cocktail/craft ideas were gone, but we decided this represented the cocktail of crafts we hoped to represent. In fact it’s all me, and all knitting!

    What made you move your blog? I’m interested in future plans for my own.

  • Oh, good for you on the move! I love the knew look. I’m planning one soon as well…

    Hmmm…well, I chose ‘Wrapped Around My Finger’ because it pretty much sums up my love of traditional knitting. Working with the yarns, watching it grow into something… It’s a way of life, isn’t it?!


  • Hey Brenda! Great looking new blog!
    Well, my blog is ‘Ramblin thoughts from a knitter’s mind’…kinda explains itself. While the majority of the topics is knitting, I usually manage to comment on other things going on in life. I’ve thought recently about moving my blog…what made you move yours?

  • my blog is called “”the chicks with sticks” because orignally i wanted it to be a place where my sister and i could show each other what we were working on–kinda like a Mason Dixon thing.
    the only problem is, she’s never posted!!!
    but the name has stuck, for now.

  • My blog is named “Sahara Knits” because I’m a long time bellydance fanatic and “Sahara” is my dance name. Knitting and bellydance are my two passions…so I blended them to come up with the name. πŸ™‚
    Lisa in Oregon

  • My blog is named Ozark Knitting because … I live in the Ozarks (southeast Missouri), and I knit. Turns out, not too many other people around here do, and it doesn’t seem to have been a traditional craft here, either.

  • Alianne Knits – pretty simple, my first name is Alison, but I sometimes go by Ali and my middle name is Anne. I like the two put together. Even though I’ve never gone by the name in real life, I found myself using Alianne whenever I had to name a video game character or something, so that’s what I used. And “knits”, well that’s pretty self-explanatory.

    Lovely stuff!

  • I’ve renamed my blog “It’s Wine Thirty! at Another Day at Bay Colony Farm” because I love going to wineries, and one day think that it would be fun to not only grow apples and other fruits on trees, but maybe some grapes for homemade wine.

  • My blog is named Knitting in Pink… Just because I love to knit and I love pink. And I especially like to knit with pink yarn! I hope you enjoy your new home!

  • I originally had the (not so uncommon) desire for a little cozy online yarn / pattern / fiber / spinning stuff shop and thought about names for weeks. SheepsPyjamas sorta “snapped” into place when it finally emerged, and it’s how I’ve thought of my fiberself ever since, so it seemed kinda natural when I was thinking about blog names. Realistically, I’ve sort of reconciled the cozy yarn shop as being better in dream form than reality, so SPJs kinda gives me a place to keep the dream form cozy :*)

    I love this contest — it’s been fun reading all the other comments and seeing where everybody else “comes from”!

  • Brenda- (Just remember, you asked!)- Okay, my first incarnation as a knitblogger was called “The Knitting Hammy” because my son called anyone associated with knitting, Mom’s Hammies.
    From there, I once got “googled” and it came up with “nottingham”, which turned into “Sheriff of Knittingham”.

    How simple things are, once they’re explained.
    But I love your banner, very nice yarn porn, and I enjoy your blog and “cocktail hour”.

    Congrats on the move.

  • Love your blog! I named mine “yogurt & granola” because I couldn’t come up with anything else. I went through about a million versions of my blog name one night and finally – at midnight – got fed up and asked my husband if we had food in the house for breakfast the next day. Since yogurt and granola is my favorite breakfast and I was very, very tired of trying to come up with a name, well…that became the name! Thanks for having a contest for your blog welcoming party and happy wedding anniversary!

  • My blog was a birthday gift from my partner two years ago and he picked, with great success, both the name and the design. The name was chosen because my college nickname is soe (the sprite of effervescence) and I keep telling people my ideal job is to write for a living. The blog was designed to make me put my money where my mouth is.

  • OOOh, nice yarn! I named mine uberstrickenfrau because it means super knitting wife in german, and I thought that would be a nice name for a yarn store. Well, that was never gonna to happen in my life, so when I decided to blog I used that name . It’s kinda deceptive though, my knitting has gone to a thin trickle and my blog seems to be about nothing….heh.

  • Wow, your new site looks really posh! Nice job with the design! Gorgeous yarn, too. So far I’ve never actually won anything from other knitters, so perhaps this will be my first time! (Keeping fingers crossed . . . ) Welcome home!

  • Pretty simple really: I love yarn and I love cocktails! (FYI: There’s a great article about a gin tasting in the NYTimes’s Dining section today.)

    What prompted you to make the move from Blogger? Just curious…

  • I started my first blog as The Cross Stitch Bear. But then I discovered sock knitting, and for a while, it was all knitted socks, all the time. So when I moved my blog, I renamed it the Needled Bear, as a joke, because I’m somtimes a grumpy bear with a persecution complex.

  • Happy new Blogwarming!

    I named my blog Craftylilly after a online handle I came up with for myself. I’m crafty (beader, spinner, knitter, and now sewing enthusiast), and my Chinese middle name means “Lovely lily.” So I put two “L” in the lily to account for the lovey and there you have it. Woh, did that make sense?

  • Hrm. Blog naming. Random decision; Cashmere Dreams (on a Kitchen Cotton Budget). I thought it was cute at the time. Now, you know… I’m thinking something else could have been better!!! πŸ™‚

  • Nice pictures! I hope you share your method with us. My blog’s name is Sewing, Knitting, and Beyond. Being a mom of 2 has me watching a lot of cartoons. The blog’s name is a play on “to infinite and beyond” from the Toy Story movie. Sewing used to be my main thing, but knitting has crept in and taken over for now. Beyond is because I tend to try a lot of different crafts.

  • I named my blog Knit Think because I wanted it to be a knit blog, but I wanted to leave the door open to write about other things that I think about. Plus the name was available on Typepad. πŸ™‚

  • my knit blog, which is very simply my name, began before i had turned to the dark and obsessive exciting and wonderful side of knitting. I knit but not well enough to wax poetic for days on end. In the past i’ve had several other blog names that i think matured as i have. first i was wiccankitten, i head it somewhere and it rhymed. then it was undertheivy named after a kate bush song. Now i’m Nishanna. when i decided on Nishanna i was tired of internet anonimity and i thought making up another name to hide behoind was tiresome.

    congrats on the new blog!

  • Always wanted to start a knitting blog but was stuck on the title and how to do a darn blog so scrapped the idea. I knit my first hat in the round and was so excited but no one was around but my dog Otis, so I put it on his noodle and snapped a pic. I later found out that he loves wearing handknits and posing for the camera and red dog knits was born.

  • It’s always a challenge to name a blog. Mine is called And In My Spare Time. With 4 children, a full time job, and all the activities that go into running a household of 6 people everyone use to ask me when I found time to knit. I always answered that I knit in my spare time. So now my household is down to 5 living in the house, my oldest daughter has added a hubby and 3 little ones to our family, and I’m still knitting in my spare time.

  • Hmm, I thought about my name for awhile. I eventually picked Eleven Stitches because my favorite number (since I was a little kid) is eleven. And I like it that stitches can refer to knitting or quilting.

    I also had a vision of a blog banner picture, and that really sealed the deal.

  • How did I come to choose “Yarn Is My Metier”? Since I knit, crochet and occasionally embroider, I didn’t want to restrict the blog name to knitting only. The one common denominator through each craft is yarn.

    I am also a lover of language and words so “metier” (meaning one’s specialty or forte) seemed a natural, so Yarn Is My Metier was born!

  • My blog is titled “Random Thoughts in Funky Fringe”.
    The Random Thoughts was thrown into the title because I was posting not only about knitting but about whatever was on my mind too at Live journal which is where my blog originally started and then moved to blogger. Funky Fringe: I was just begining my journey into the knitting world and I had bought this yarn called Funky Fringe from the One Spot Bin at Target. I also picked up a little book with patterns for this yarn too. I knitted this scarf out of the yarn and being a new knitter it wasn’t easy. LOL But in the long run it taught me that novelty yarn is cool and it made me pay attention more so than traditional worsted yarn would have

    I like the super sock potluck. LOL

    Thanks for posting a contest! They are so much fun!!!

  • Oh Wow! LOVE the new digs!
    My name came pretty obviously – I’m a Nana (tho’ at the time only X 1, now X 3!) and I knit. And knit. And knit. (well, I wish that were true, I don’t knit nearly as often as I’d like!)

    And I have GOT to learn the secret to diffusing light in a photo – basic as it may be….email me???? Please???


  • Oh, Brenda, I like the new blog! And, I am in the early stages of moving my blog as well. My blog title, knitting like crazy, came about because me and my friends used to discuss how I “knit like crazy” or “knit like a crazy mad woman.” Those kinds of things.

    I am also always curious how people come up with the blog names! What a good contest!


    P.S. If you could randomly pick my name, I would appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  • My blog is subtitled ” The trials and tribulations of trying to knit in the middle of the English Channel” Because knitting on an island can be a real trial. When I started the blog the so called yarn shops over here sold nothing but squeeky acrylic – thank god for the internet!

  • I named my blog “the knitty professor” because, well, I am a professor, I knit, and I liked the play on “nutty professor” – which I also am.

  • I am looking into a setting up a blog (husband is in computers and has offered to help.) I am considering:

    A few stitches short (of a full row) – self explanatory, no?

    Let me know what you think (or has somebody already used it?

  • My knitting blog name has something of a funny story behind it. The actual name is “Comfortable Chaos,” a phrase that I came up with to describe myself after fighting with my mother about cleaning my room/the house/etc. I’m comfortable in a mess; she’s not. I really like the phrase, so I’ve been using it for some usernames and now my blog name.

    Of course, if you look at the URL for my blog, you’ll see something different: comfortable_cha. Why?

    Evidently while creating my blog, I hit “tab” before typing the last “os” and didn’t catch my mistake until after the blog was created and I had no chance of changing it. So comfortable_cha it is.

    The really ironic part is that “cha” is Chinese for “tea,” and I hate tea. >.>;;

  • I am semi-blogless. The name I’ve chosen is Northcoast Cottage Life. “Northcoast” because we’re in the process of moving from California’s Central Valley to California’s North Coast, “Cottage” because I love all things cottage and “Life” because I want to post about my life in addition to knitting (is there such a thing?).

    Of course I started the blog at the same time I needed to start sorting, packing, cleaning, etc to move (oh how I am trying to avoid the work involved in moving!), so have kept the blog “private” and am not actually posting until we get to the North coast. In other words, I have only a title.

    Great yarn and I’d love the tips on the lighting for your photos too.

  • Hi there! Happy new blog! I named mine “Curlyknitter” because I have very very curly hair and, well, I’m a knitter. Not very inventive but true!

  • Shiny new digs! Congrats! πŸ™‚

    Let’s see… my blog-name is as prosaic as it gets–Beth’s Knitting. But the reason for that is that I intended to keep a ‘just the facts, ma’am’ sort of craft journal, i.e. stick to the knitting (and spinning) and keep my private life mostly private. And I’ve largely stuck to that resolution.

    I let myself be a little fanciful with my URL, though. πŸ™‚ I chose ‘Hermione’ because I can really relate to that character–I was an awful know-it-all and teacher’s pet in my school days too, though I like to think I’ve mellowed since then. πŸ™‚ I’m still an extremely bookish type, though, and would absolutely check _Hogwarts, A History_ out for some light reading.

  • Hi! Your blog looks lovely! My blog is named knottykittyknits–no deep meanings, just a little word play. I have three cute kitties (who I refer to as “minions”) who I love dearly, thus the kitty part. Knotty refers to the the fact that I and my kitties are both naughty, and knotty. Kinda lame, but I just wanted to come up with something so I could get started, and it has stuck around since then!

    Thanks for holding the contest, and offering such nice prizes. Just for the record, I love all of them! πŸ™‚

  • Mine is called KnitTech – Working woman who would rather be knitting. I worked tech support in a call center. I’m now working WFM in the call center. Plus side, I’m off the phones, down side, I’m not knitting as much. I needed something to do something that would prevent me from reaching through the phone cord and strangling the customer. Decided blogging would do it.

  • Hi! Following the link from your previous blog (daily reader but don’t always comment). The name of my blog is “yearns for yarn” because even though the stash I have might appear sufficient, there is always more yarn that I would love to have. Some I even covet (which goes beyond yearning).

  • Happy new home, Brenda! It’s beautiful!

    This is such a good contest — I’ve enjoyed reading everybody’s thoughts! I chose Flint Knits because of (a) simple hometown pride, and (b) an interest in crafting alternatives to capitalist mass production. I like the idea of creative movements growing out of the “ruins” of the post-industrial rust-belt, and am inspired by the thoughtful, creative art and crafts that people in Flint are making.

  • What a great contest. My blog started out as Works for Yarn, simply becasue that is what I was doing at the yarn shop… I was working for yarn. I don’t work at the yarn shop anymore so I changed the name to Monica Knits … A lot, because it is rumored I knit 24/7. URL is the same as before but a different name on the header of the blog.

  • Nice place you have here! Love what you’ve done with it.

    On to the contest–my blog is Loves to Bike and Knit, well because Jenny Raye loves to bike and knit. I know, lame-o, but it pretty much sums up my two passions.

  • When I first started blogging last year, I was still very much a cross stitcher who happened to knit. I named my first blog “solarcross”–solar is short for my little hobby company “Solarbrations…and other lunarcies”. It was an OK name to start with, but I was looking for something a little more me. Plus, I totally got hooked on knitting!

    I finally came up with one I liked and made the change. My blog is now “Livin’ La Needle Loca.” It covers all the things I do with needles (knit, quilt, stitch, sew) and hints about how manic I can get when I’m involved in a project! Also, it has that play-on-words thing, which I love, and a touch of Spanish for my Latina self.

  • Hi, my reason for my blog name is because my name is Wanda and as a kid I was always called some type name, i.e. WandaWoman for WonderWoman or WonderWoman, or Help Me Wanda for the song Help Me Rhonda and a Fish Called Wanda. So as you can see, I had to have something fun for my blog name. I hemmed and hawed over blog names for quite some time trying to come up with a cute knitting type of pun and then just decided to go with what I know best, me! One of my buddies from college still calls me Wonder Woman so I decided to go with it. I think it’s fun and unique and people always remember my blog name.

  • ‘Cabezalana’ is Spanish and means ‘Woolhead’. I thought it fit on several fronts – I’m obsessed with fibery pursuits and always have something wooly on the brain, plus I own a few wooly-headed alpacas. Plus, nobody else is using the name.

  • Hooray for cocktails!

    Thanks to Chris I have yet another new blog to read (she’s very good at mentioning great blogs!) and what could be better than knitting with cocktails. And thanks to lots of your comment-leavers I have lots more to check out too!

    And mine is called chicken-knits because my ex used to call me chick or chicken as a nickname because he thought I bok’d and squawk’d alot. πŸ™‚

  • I wanted my blog to be called Needlegeek because I am a computer geek (I work in Information Technology), and I am a man that knits. Well, there is apparently already someone that uses that name, so I ended up as Of purl and PCs.

  • After running effectively a mailing list since 1998, and a website for a year or so, I gave in. No one associated with either was interested in knitting. Or spinning. Much less pictures of the same.

    To those foolsreaders, knitting seemed pretty ordinary. And the play on words seemed to be just made for me – Proseknitic (combining writing, prosaic and knitting).


  • Your new site looks great – congratulations!

    My blog is called “Walk on Gilded Splinters” because I wanted something that reflects my hometown and heritage – I’m from New Orleans and my family has been there for 300 years. “I Walk on Gilded Splinters” is one of my favorite songs – by Dr. John. It’s mellow, ethereal, spooky and sexy and gilded splinters somehow made me think of knitting needles and stitches – it just felt like it fit.

    But that URL name was taken over at Blogger, so my URL is a little different. It’s mamaroux.blogspot.com because “Mama Roux” is another Dr. John song that often gets stuck in my head. Again, it’s about New Orleans culture and I love the line that says, “Mama Roux, she is the queen of the little red, white, and blue” since I was a Bicentennial Baby, even though it really refers to a Mardi Gras Indian tribe. It’s also shorter than writing out walkongildedsplinters every time.

    Oh, lord, I’m speaking another language now, aren’t I? Mostly, I just love to celebrate my heritage and hear those songs in my head every time I look at my blog. Hopefully, I’ll move from Blogger one day, as well.

    Thanks for letting me tell my story! It’s been really fun to read everyone else’s replies!

  • Welcome to WordPress! It’s nice here πŸ™‚

    I named my kntting blog “Not Another Knitblog!” (even though that’s exactly what it is!) primarily because as I got more and more interested in knitting/knitting blogs, I kept assuring my LiveJournal friends that my LJ was not turning into “another knitblog”. Not Another Knitblog! arose when I finally realized I just wanted to write about my knitting a lot, and not have to lj-filter all the knitti-stuff out, so I found a new “home” for my knitting-related posts. The name also works because really, how many knitblogs are there?!

    But I love knitblogs and knitblogging, and sometimes I worry that people will take my blog title as being too negative or overly sarcastic. I hope that the silliness and joy I take from it will come through instead.

  • First off for anyone who hasn’t use Schaeffer’s Anne sock yarn…woohoo what great yarn and what a generous prize….one skein is WAY more then enough for a pair of socks…..even if you make them knee highs you still end up with a lot left over….and every colorway is gorgeous….haven’t seen this colorway before …lovely….you are very kind to select this as a prize!

    Congrats on the new blog as well!

    As for my blog…”Yarnatic” its a combination name of “yarn” and “fanatic” put together….i wanted something that spoke about my addiction and fanaticism LOL….Yarn addict was already taken but would have been a better title….because I truly have a serious addiction LOL.

  • Wow, it’s fun to hear the origins of everyone’s blog name. Mine’s called “Vie Vaedri”, which is roughly French for “Vaedri’s Life”. I am Vaedri, which goes way, way back to the beginnings of Napster. When I was in university and Napster was new and still kind of secret, I was trying to come up with a username for my account, and everything I tried was taken. My roommate was a writer, mostly writing fantasy fiction and vampire stories and she had created the name ‘Vaedri’ for a character. She gave the name to me as a gift, and I’ve been using it ever since.

    The blog name isn’t clever or witty, but I like it for its alliteration. Yes, I’m easily amused.

  • I am a Science teacher who loves frogs, so hence the “frog” part. Add that to a love of knitting and we have, WOOLYFROG!

    Those yarns are ALL gorgeous!

  • Congrats on the new blog! It looks lovely. My blog is named “Trouble with Trebles.” For those of you who aren’t sci fi junkies, “The Trouble with Tribbles” is a classic episode of the original Star Trek series. A “treble” is a common crochet stitch, and I often switch between crochet and knit. Thus, it is a combination of my love of crafting and sci fi. Yes, I am ashamed to admit that I really am that nerdy.

  • Well, I named my blog pjbknit because the first three letters are my initials, despite some apparently dyslexic readers who think of peanut butter and jelly. How exciting, as DH likes to say.

  • Years ago, I purchased a domain just so that my email address would never change. My domain name is now my blog name: Moonfrog. I did have a blogger blog first, which was named MoonLight Frogger — a variant of Moonfrog, but with the added aspect of my knitting style, which tended toward late night knitting and lots of frogging!

  • love your new digs AND that i found you. knitting and cocktails are pretty much two of my favorite things.

    i chose wine me up initially now it’s wine meg up. that’s my play on words because i love wine (and beer and liquor) and i love to wind up yarn into cakes and knit. πŸ™‚

    incidentally, the song wine me up by don walser was a fave of mine for many many years. he was a local fixture here in texas until he died last year. he can yodel like no one else. so that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

  • Well, Kim Knits was taken already. I decided to start and I needed a name in a hurry. My maiden name started with a silent K, and I’ve had a certain love/hate relationship, since my first initial is also K. For the purpose of storytelling, assume my last name was Knickers. So when my email was kknickers, people would say “Your email is K K nickers, right?” and I’d say “No, it’s K knickers, with 2 Ks.” It was a mess. Now my last name starts with N. So if I do the same thing and paste my first initial onto my last name (say, Nachos), I get Knachos – the same name, but with a silent K, this time with the opposite problem – it’s K Nachos. Hence, Knits with a Silent K.

  • I have no blog, but if I did, it would be called “…the raveled sleeve.” A quotation is rich in associations, and it would suit my subject: sleep disorders/sleep apnea. I’m still considering research options and whether I have what it takes to ask the necessary questions!

  • Congrats on your new digs! Your pics are great! And not just due to the subject matter. πŸ™‚

    I wanted to name my blog “Knit Long and Proper” because knitting is like breathing to me. But I didn’t think people would get it and Spok would probably be a product knitter, not a process knitter, like me. The other one that made my short list was “Knit Me” as this is what all the yarn at the LYS whispers to me as soon as I walk in the door. But it was taken. So it became on online identity instead.

    “Knit for brains” was a bit crass for me and ultimately taken, I think. “Dyeing to Knit” seemed limiting. “Two Cats, a Girl and some Yarn” just didn’t have the right ring. And “Stash Entomb Me” was honest about the quantity of yarn but much darker than I am.

    All in all, I was spending far too much time obsessing over just the right name. I simply am not that clever. So I settled for what I knew: K8zsister describes who I am and lets me define myself as I post (which is irratically). She’s not a knitter and generally hates sweaters (save the occasional hoodie). But she LOVES socks. And so do I.

  • Once I succumbed to pressure from Ruth at Knitting on Impulse and started my blog, my DH said “Just don’t put anything in the title about knitting.”. He still thinks that the knitting universe is a small one. I told him I would call it whatever the h*** I wanted to, but then I decided to call it “Under Sask Skies”. I live on the Canadian Prairies, the sky is big and alive (our license plates say “Land of Living Skies”, and I feel that the people who complained about that choice have no poetry in their souls.) and I am under it. The name also implies that I am outside (more than I really am) and gives great scope for neat pictures in my header (unless my parents object, in which case I have to change the picture).

    Your new home is great! I look forward to many visits, and don’t forget the homemade cookies.

  • I’m so glad to have discovered your blog! I’m sure I’ll be back often.

    My blog started out as “Saltwater Conviction” because I wasn’t sure at the time what I’d be blogging about. As it evolved into a blog about knitting, I changed the name to “Knitting Interrupted”. (Knitting interrupted by blogging, by children, by having to cook dinner or do laundry, by life in general.)

  • I found you from Chris. OMG, love ‘molecular knitting’! I’ll add you to my favorites. I’m ‘knitnzu’. My dog is Zuzu (dh chose the name, woke up one day and said, how about ‘cocoa’ or ‘zuzu’?) That evening (the dog wasn’t ours yet), ‘it’s a wonderful life’ was on…so the choice was clear. Zuzu’s petal’s let Jimmy Stewart know he was home for real, so Zuzu she became! As for the blog, I’m in New England, and the old timer’s accent (my grandmother spoke this way) says ‘knitt’n’ not knitting. And zu is kind of a take on zoo for the name…I’m in a knitting zoo? I love knitting and zuzu? Yup!

  • Hiya! I have both a Blogger blog and a WordPress blog. I guess I may as well explain both.

    Blogger: named the Lair of the Bookwyrm, because I’ve always been a bookworm. And I love dragons. And wyrm is another (medievalish) name for dragon. Hence, bookwyrm.

    WordPress: named The Wyrm’s Yarns, with the same wyrm reason as above but because I was going semi-incognito at the time I started it and so didn’t want to have Bookwyrm (a frequent user name of mine) on it. And yarns because of spun fiber and stories both being called “yarn.” And since I make both types of yarn, it seemed appropriate.

    Happy almost anniversary!

  • My blog’s name is 5elementknitr. I’m a massage therapist and went to school for it for two years. The first year was Swedish massage, the second year was Shiatsu. Shiatsu was far more interesting and is based on the 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • My blog is named Cats knit and tango.
    It sounds like I have talented cats, but their talents aren’t actually in those areas. I adore cats, my children call me catmum, and have for years, I love to knit, and I have been dancing Argentine tango for 7 years. There are lots of other things I love to do and am interested in, but there were limits.

  • Hi – my blog is called Loose Yarn and UFO’s – because it is loosely about knitting, but also just me having a yarn (chat πŸ™‚ ) and I leave my UFO’s lying about all over the place, messy woman that I am. It’s actually less about knitting than I thought it would be because I’m not finding much time to knit just at the moment.

  • I picked Susan in Stitches mainly because I knew that I’d be blogging mainly about my knitting and quilting [ and cats, goats, clogging and bellydancing ] and I figured stitches covered both. Of course if I’d realised how many Susans there are out there in the Blogosphere I might’ve gone with something that related to my nickname instead.

  • Hello!

    My blog is called “Who needs gauge?!”. Frankly, I went through a number of names before choosing this one. That was actually the topic of my first blog post. I wanted something that reflected my nature, gave a nod towards the fact that I was still learning/made mistakes, and was knitting oriented. I love my blog title because 1. no one else has though of it and 2. it represents my efforts to jump into things without planning. (I frog. A lot.)

  • Nice new digs for the blog!

    My blog, Purling Oaks, was named, after a lot of googling of trial names, for oak trees, which I love and are in my back yard and around the house, and for knitting. There is also a reference to the sound of the a brook or wind in the trees since purling and murmuring are synonyms. Well, I thought it was clever. πŸ™‚

  • I named mine “no more sweaters” to reference the “no more sweatshops” campaign, and because my poor dog is sick to death of having to wear sweaters. Good luck with the blog move, and I’ve loved reading all these answers!

  • Hi! I just found you through Chris & I wanted to pop over and see the new digs! Great name you chose yourself.

    My blog is titled “between stupid and clever” In refrence to a quote from the movie spinal tap. Why is that appropriate you ask. Well I feel as if I spend a fair amount of my life on that line between stupid and clever! πŸ˜‰

  • I found you through Chris, too, and I’m always happy to find a great blog to add to Google Reader.

    My first blog was called, creatively, “Megan Crochets.” Then, of course, I learned to knit, became obsessed with it, and became disenchanted with Blogger. So I got a domain name and installed WordPress, and “Woolly Interlude” was born. I went with that blog name because I write about what I make with (mostly) wool in my spare time.

  • My co-blogger named our blog, which is Yarnfloozies. I’d given her the Maggie Sefton knitting mystery books for Christmas, and that’s the name of the group in the series. We were surprised that the name hadn’t already been taken!

  • Hmm. I named my blog after myself. Heh. I chose tranquil knitting- because, well, it’s true. Knitting seem to be the only activity that keeps me quiet – as well as help calm me. Nothing like knitting before bed to get rid of stress.

  • oh, shame on you and your yarn porn! what gorgeous stuff.

    i named my blog obsidian kitten because “kitten” was a childhood nickname (I’ve always had a fascination with cats) and i particularly like black cats (one of our three girls is black like Chris’ famous Mayhem, and Isis is the third black cat i’ve been lucky enough to share living quarters with during my lifetime)

    actually, i didn’t have a black cat when i named my blog. but i do like Lewis Carroll, esp. the bit about “It was the black kitten’s fault entirely” from Through the Looking Glass…and all the black cat lore. so…Obsidian Kitten she became.

    and i’m a knittin’ kitten as well. so it just fits.

  • My blog is Stitchy Fingers. When I started my blog I had only recently started reading blogs and I didn’t really know what kinds of names craft bloggers used. I needed something to cover all the crafts I do as I don’t just knit or sew or whatever, like many bloggers.

  • Called my blog magpieknittier because 1 i have an unnatural obsession with anything shiny that isn’t wool and 2 whenever i happen to see wool for sale i go into magpie mode and get drawn in by it and have to have it.

    New digs look cool, and you have impecable taste doing pink cabled socks but must have pics, although any pics of yarn is a good substitute.

  • Also was going to say known as doris everywhere because in the hot rod club i run, everyone refers t each other by there car (“matey with the blue ’56 buick” type thing) and my car is called doris, so it’s kinda spilt over into the pub and daily life and now here. silly i know.

  • First, I just wanted to say I love reading your blog, and, being a chemist, think you should throw some more work related stuff in, ha.

    My recently begun blog is called “Knit Europe.” The name came about in the first place because I am currently living in Europe and bringing my knitting with me most everywhere I go, especially if it’s a long train ride! I am leaving in a few months to head back to the States though, and thus the reasoning behind my name changes. I have started collecting different sized bags with a European country or city name written all over it. They have become my new knitting bags so I can talk about what I’m knitting in “Austria” or “Germany” or “Paris,” etc.

  • My blog? Hmm, it’s eponymous because the knittingdragon.com domain was already taken. limedragon was created when I registered for my first free email address back in ’94 or so. I tried my favorite colors with dragon for a login. Purple? Taken. Ditto for Black and Silver. Lime worked and it’s stuck ever since (very rare color, you know…). : )

  • Mine is named KnittyKittyKat because I had just started knitting and at the time my only pet was my cat, Daisy. Daisy has since moved on, but I miss her too much to change it.

  • I named my blog Muthaknitter. When I started blogging, I had a 5-month-old son I was staying home with and had only been knitting for a month.

    I may look mild-mannered, but I have a bad habit of cursing like a sailor, particularly when frustrated. Which knitting and early motherhood can be.

    So I’m one, tough muthaknitter. (Y’all if we could meet in person, you’d know how funny that is.)

  • My blog is Stitch ‘n Sue. Stitch, for knitting, obviously, and sue as in I am a lawyer and I sue people. Not as a hobby, of course.

  • Congrats on the move! I’m on my 3rd blog title now, but now that it’s the domain I’m stuck with it πŸ™‚ – I chose it because I knit in front of the TV and I watch a lot of TV. I just graduated from a graduate television program too.

  • My blog is Tinky McFrog because both “tink” and “frog” are terms for undoing knitting after you’ve messed up. It seems to me that tinking and frogging are almost as much a part of knitting as knitting and purling!

  • I named my blog “An Abundance of Lisa,” for a couple of reasons. First, I had just finished reading a manuscript for work entitled “An Abundance of Katherines,” and I really liked the book and the title. So I blatantly ripped it off and repurposed it for myself. Also, my blog started out as more a means of showing my family and friends back in IL what I was up to in NYC, so I figured it would be pretty much about me, hence, An Abundance of Lisa. It quickly morphed into a knitting blog, but by then, the name had stuck!

    Great idea for a contest!

  • My blog is ellipsisknits. Ellipsis was something I used as an online name long before I started knitting. I picked it then for a couple of reasons. It was vaguely typographical, which matched with the whole blogging/text thing. And it represented trailing off thoughts, and rapidly switching context, something which definetly matched at the time. When I started knit blogging, I realized that it matched even better with my knitting persona, what with UFOs and always wanting to buy and start something new rather than finishing what was new and fresh last week.

  • Well, fancy! I like the nice, clean crispness of your new blog Brenda! My blog, Archivist on the Edge, grew out being told that some of the librarians I work with thought I was “edgy” and after working for I while, my frequent retort was that I was “an archivist on the edge of sanity.” I am not really edgy at all…

  • My user name is Red-Headed-Stepchild…when I was in high school/early college, Beavis and Butthead was really big, and would talk about “beating you like a red headed stepchild.” I used to threaten my (half) sisters with that until one of them said, “But YOU ARE a red headed stepchild!” Yes. Yes, I am.

    The actual title of the blog is “Di Has Stories…and They’re All True.” This was the best compliment I ever got, from my roommate in college (still a dear friend to this day), and seemed perfect, since I started this blog to document the tragedy that was my dating life. Of course, within a couple months of starting the blog, I met the wonderful man who is now my husband, and the blog is full of complaining about my crappy job and corporate America. Good times!

  • I first learned to knit when I was a teen-ager and continued to knit through public school, college, and the first years of our marriage. But, after the children came along, the knitting went to the back burner for many, many years. Then, a few years ago I needed something creative and calming to do – and also something that didn’t take up lots of space. So I returned to knitting and quickly became addicted. Hence the blog title “Re-born Knitter”.

  • “Paper Tiger” came from a brief silly panic in my running group. People suddenly became worried about using their real names on the message board. I had a white tiger as my avatar, so a China specialist friend suggested “paper tiger.” It’s derived from a speech by Chairman Mao: “In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of, it is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain. I believe the United States is nothing but a paper tiger.” And since I work with lots of paper, it made sense. The “knits” was a logical extension for a knitting blog.

  • I call my blog experimental knitter because whenever I knit its an experiment. I am doing better at following patterns but there is usually something I change. Dont ask me why cuz I have no clue. Maybe I am a bit of a rebel at heart. Or I like to test the waters and see what I can get away with. I am still a baby knitter and learning all the time.
    That is some beautiful yarn you are giving away!

  • What a lovely contest!

    I named my blog “A Caffeinated Yarn” after two of my favorite things. Coffee or tea always go hand in hand with knitting for me. Then again, they also go hand in hand with reading, grading papers, going to lectures… I guess I’m an addict.

    Beautiful contest yarns!

  • My blog name is Knit My Dog. It came about because I was thinking of a blog name right after Christmas. One of my favorite gifts that year was a book from my nephew on knitting with dog hair. It was a total joke because I have a dog that sheds everywhere and he was always telling me I should knit with it. The book isn’t a joke though, they actually teach you how to spin your dog’s hair into yarn. Learning to spin had always been on my list of things to do, so I figured I would be learning soon enough and someday actually knit a sweater out of my dog’s hair.

  • Hi! My blog name is Casting Away. My husband and I are sailors and I’m a knitter (and he is a big fan of my kntting). I thought it nicely combined our passions. I am especially proud of my subject line “casting on yarn and casting off the lines.”

    Thanks for doing this contest. I’m seeing so many of the blogs I frequent and its fun to see the stories behind the names!

  • I love the new blog! I am amazed at all the new blogs I’ve discovered in your comments. What a great contest!!

    I named my blog Some Knitting Required because my then boyfriend-now husband gives me sweaters every christmas. Every year he says he doesn’t want to give me yarn because it is an obvious choice. So, I provide a choice of sweaters, socks, and shawls that have some knitting required before they can be worn. πŸ˜‰

  • I named my blog Mumblings because I secretly set up my blog without my husband knowing πŸ™‚ Also, if you met him, you’d understand that he is probably quite a memorable character and because he is partially deaf, you can get away with mumbling something when he’s done something particularly daft and know that all he can hear is mumblings!

  • I haven’t got a blog yet, but when I do I will name it The Yarnaholic. I dream about yarn at night and love to create by crocheting and knitting by day. I like your blog and am glad to join.

  • Mmmm, very nice sock prizes. I named my site The Barefoot Cobbler, because I knit all the time, but have very few handknitted items for myself. Actually, my husband came up with the name, and he has more handknit socks than I do! =) This was a neat idea for a contest.

  • When I decided to blog (& claim my own URL) I wanted something that encompassed all parts of me. I used an online thesarus & started entering words that were parts of me – entering “crafty” led to “artisan” – and when I read the definition of artisan I knew it was for me. (a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft) As an “added bonus” I like the alliteration of the name & it also plays on my real name being Amy R…

  • I named my blog Never Enough Needles because that seems to be a perpetual problem for me. In addition to knitting I do embroidery (mostly counted cross stitch and Hardanger) and needlepoint. I’m always searching for the right needle. And as I point out on my blog, I even need a needle for my record player.

  • My blog got it’s name similar to Christene’s (comment #16).
    I had this insane desire to open up a spinning/knitting shop where I live since there are no decent ones for about an hours drive and SpindleKnits was what I was hoping to name it. Since, at the time I started the blog I had not quite developed the bug to get a wheel, only a spindle.
    πŸ™‚ Little did I know, the blog helped birth the wheel bug in me and lo and behold – got my wheel shortly thereafter.
    SpinningWheelKnits just doesn’t flow as well though, ya know?

  • This is a nice looking blog, and I’m always glad to find another good kniting blog to help me while away my work hours.

    No blog here, though I admit I think about it enough to think about names. Some of the possibilities:

    Two Pointy Sticks – I can’t believe that this isn’t used already…but I just love the word “pointy.” It’s just intrinsically funny to me.

    Oh Ewe Kid – A little too cutesy.

    And the one I think I would go with:

    Reincarnated Sheep – I am (I know, it’s phenomenally wussy) afraid of moths. My mother always kidded me that I must have been a sheep in a former life. And knitting is a way of re-forming, re-shaping, giving new life to, wool.

  • Hi! Yay, I like contests!

    I have named my blog “heidisknitbits” because, well, my name is Heidi and the blog is about my knitting tidbits, or my “knitbits”.

    I didn’t really put a lot of thought into the name, I just happened to come up with it.

    Have a great day, and greetings from Finland!

  • My current blog is named ‘Knitting to Distraction’, because I knit and and highly distractble. I have grown to hate this name though, and will be moving soon. The blog I will be moving to when I finally get everything finished there is ‘Pixelated Purl’. Honestly, I just picked it because I like how it sounds and is unique. Pixelated also happens to be a nickname I use for my cat.

  • If I had a blog I would call it Knitting With Sneezy. Sneezy was my nickname from school. And I love to knit in my spare time which is a lot because I am retired now.

  • There’s a yarn color called Jane Addams? I LOVE Jane Addams! She’s my absolute hero!

    … anyway, I just stumbled over your blog by clicking links in comments (I love doing that). I’m not sure I count for the contest because I don’t have a specifically knitting blog, more a “Look! I made a blog!” blog (it’s supposed to be a SOAPBOX for my opinions, really). Anyway, it’s called “Sunbeam Soapbox”, for one because S is in my name (Stephanie) and I like alliteration; 2. because of what I said before, a soapbox for me to talk about what I think, because I really don’t do enough of that (no really, I’m way too quiet, I can’t even get the hang of posting in a blog…); and 3. “Sunbeam” because I love the sun. I feel so much better when it’s a hot, sunny day and I get to laze around and soak up some sunlight than when it’s cold and grey and sad.

    Although with the knitting, I’m liking sunlight and summer less and less because it means I can’t wear wool for fear of death by overheating… but I still like sunbeams nonetheless. =)

    And I guess I really just wanted to tell that story! Heh. No one’s asked about it before and it’s quite a few years old…

  • A little knitting, a little teenager and a lot of wacky…..

    Because it’s my life…..when you mix single, systems analyst mom with a 17 yo boy child….only wacky occurs…..

  • Hiya! I named my blog Pensive Frog because I wanted something easy to spell and remember. I also liked the double meaning of the name – like a pensive frog could be a thoughtful decision to rip out a project. Get it? Get it? Yeah, it’s not that subtle. πŸ™‚

  • My blog’s name is quite simply sphinxy’s blog, cos Sphinxy is the nickname i’ve been using for quite a while (got it from a quote from “When harry met sally”), but i want to make a craft related blog, I have the blogger address and the layout I like, and I made a silly logo the other day on photoshop… I thought of chicken, so I made chicks…four cute chicks… so i’m thinking of calling it “I pulcini gialli” (the yellow chicks”, a bit of a memory from when i was taking my italian lessons… we were going to make a party and didn’t know how to name our group… I struggled for I pulcini gialli, but at the end they used “se vuoi si puoi”, which was much more inspirational than mine… But i always thought i had to use it for something, and what better excuse than my very own blog… πŸ˜›

  • My blog name started as adayinthelife… but was already taken when I moved over to typepad so since a few friends already knew the first part, I just added the name. It is basically what it is….a bit of my day, not every day but lots of days. It isn’t just about knitting, but about life as a married woman, married to a woman, a mom of teen twins, a knitter, a camper, a friend.

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