I’ll get to the turquoise in a moment. This weekend Karen arrived and approved her mitts, and she requested another pair. I showed her both my fingering weight screaming red mitts and the chunky baby alpaca mitts I made last summer. She really liked the alpaca, so I gave them to her also. I know she will wear both pairs, as she wore them while visiting us. In addition, I know she will take good care of them, because when I mentioned that they shouldn’t be washed in the machine, she answered, “Of course, not! They’re made of wool and fine fibers.” Did I plan to take a photo of Karen in her mitts? Yes. Did I remember to do so? No. Did I take my camera with us on Saturday when Karen, M and I went wine tasting (they tasted, I drove) in the Sierra Nevada Foothills in the glorious sunshine? No. Am I a complete goofball blogger? Quite possibly.

Karen offered to pay for the mitts, but I declined. I knew M wouldn’t want her to pay, and I was pleased she was very pleased with the mitts. After she left this afternoon, M took me to the LYS and paid for my purchases. I needed a size 10.5 32-inch circular needle (why in a later post), and I chose Addi Turbos, and I also bought 5 balls of beautiful turquoise cotton.


Since I have decided to give the Sea Silk berry scarf with the wide border I am knitting from Victorian Lace Today to my grandmother, I decided that I wanted to make a different wide bordered scarf for myself. And, since it is usually blazingly hot here, I thought glossy “baumwolle-cable” would be more wearable than wool or silk. The yarn came in several lovely colors, but I really liked this light turquoise. It reminded me of a shop clerk in London, who, when I said the yarn in a particular sweater was a lovely turquoise (TURkoise), said, “turKWAAHHZ, love, turKWAAHHZ.” I am about half done with the scarf for my grandmother, and then I’ll start my turKWAAHHZ scarf for myself.

But now it’s back to the Landscape Shawl.


See those two red marker next to each other? They signify the start of the final stitch pattern, reverse stockinette (a real tough stitch pattern there). I am 63% done! This is much more exciting than it looks and sounds. My in-laws are visiting the weekend of February 16th on their way from Illinois to Hawaii. Do you think I can have the shawl done and blocked by then? It’s a goal.

I hope you had a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Turquoise”

  • Ooo, I love turquoise! Such a beautiful, cheery colour.

    That’s too bad about the camera!:(
    Pictures of the Sierra Nevada foothills…sounds so wonderful!

  • Congrats on getting that scarf almost done!

    I love the “TurKwoise”, too. I think it’s such a cheery color, don’t you?

  • I really like the Landscape Shawl. It’s one of the few shawl patterns that works as well with variegateds as it does with solids. And there are such beautiful colors in yours!

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