The Antidote to Punky

Punky was the word the doctor used to describe how I’ve been feeling; I wasn’t so polite. Her antidote is lots of liquids, especially unsweetened cranberry juice, and a 10-day course of cephalosporins (10 days, that’s Punky with a capital P!). My antidote is much more colorful and fun.

Fleece Artist Merino in Parrot

What do you knit when you need something easy and cheerful (and you don’t have your husband around to do swift duty with the STR yarn)? Fleece Artist Merino socks in an easy (4×4) rib with an Eye of the Patridge heel flap. This photo is pretty punky, and really doesn’t show the vivacity of the colors, but FA merino is perfectly dyed for the Eye of the Partridge heel flap. I’ve said that before (also with a punky photo), and I’m sure I’ll say it again. There is nothing better than knitting a cheerful sock when the microbiological world wreaks its havoc within one’s person.

And when the fingers need a little rest there is always a good mystery to pick up and enjoy.


This is the third Masie Dobbs mystery. This is a series that really benefits from being read in order. The first book is Masie Dobbs and the second is Bird’s of a Feather. Masie is a psychologist/investigator in post-WWI London. She served as a nurse in France during the war. The stories are very well written, and the character of Masie is pretty engaging. The pace is a little slow and methodical, but since Masie takes “inquiries” that have a psychological bent, the pace fits the stories. Sometimes Masie seems too perfect to be real, but then she is supposed to be something of a genius at psychology and empathy, so that isn’t a major criticism. She’s a pretty good antidote to punky.

As soon as I am feeling better, it will be back to finishing the Landscape Shawl and swatching for the periwinkle pullover. And when I am feeling miraculously good, I’ll get that final gingerbread cable sock done.

Happy Knitting!

5 thoughts on “The Antidote to Punky”

  • I hope you feel less punky soon and that the beautiful yarn and sock are aiding in a speedy recovery. Thank you for the mystery recommendation — I haven’t heard of this author before and look forward to trying her.

  • What a lovely sock! I think the restorative properties of Fleece Artist are right up there with penicillin. 😉

    Hope you shake whatever’s ailing you.

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