More Plans than Progress

Due to errant, painful sinuses, a busy social schedule, and a misbehaving sock, I didn’t have a big weekend in terms of knitting progress. While the gingerbread cable sock sat in time-out until Sunday evening (all is back now on track with it), I did restart the ice cream sundae socks on smaller needles in a broken, lightly twisted 2×2 rib, and I finished the first border of the berry sea silk scarf from Victorian Lace Today (page 80 “scarf with wide striped border”).


I did have some time to do some planning, thinking and perusing. I had asked for suggestions for a sweater pattern to knit using Lamb’s Pride worsted, and I looked up all the suggestions. Thanks to everyone who answered my questions! Rogue and Samus were my two favorite choices, but Rogue seemed a bit beyond my current abilities, and Samus, although very beautiful with its wide horizontal celtic braid, would put that braid right where I wouldn’t want it. I generally try to pretend that my hips do not exist, and the horizontal braid of Samus would destroy that self-delusion. Several people assured me I could design my own if I chose a drop shoulder style, and I think they may be right. I also remembered a pattern from Knitters (Fall 2001) that I liked.


And then I started perusing some of my stitch pattern books, which leaves me with some serious swatching to do.


It would be nice if I could fit some swatches in among my other knitting, so that when I get the Landscape Shawl done, I could be ready for the sweater. I’d cross my fingers that this will all work out, but I don’t know how to knit with my fingers crossed.

So, I have a bit of a plan. Now it’s time for some more progress. Happy Knitting!

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  • Designingin your own cable sweater is so much fun. Have you done it before? I finished my first one a few days ago, and it was a great learning experience. Love the knitting projects!

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