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Contest Time!

It’s time to have a contest! Next Friday, the tenth, is my birthday, and I think that calls for a contest. But as a disclaimer, I’ve never run a contest before, so I am making it up as I go along. My thinking is this: anyone who enters the contest will have the chance to win one of two yarns AND a beaded bracelet or earrings made by me just for them. So, the yarn is the easier part and I’ve chosen from my stash a sock yarn and a mohair yarn that would be great in a scarf.

CTH Supersock in Potluck Jewels
Luxury Mohair by King Cole in Florence (2 skeins)
The winner will get to choose which yarn she/he would like. They will also get to tell me if they want a pair of earrings (sterling silver wires) or a bracelet. I’ll find out favorite colors, or if the winner wants to send me a picture of a favorite handknit, I’ll design the piece of jewelry to coordinate (I already do this in my head when I look at all your wonderful handknits on your blogs). Then, I’ll set to work, and send out the yarn with the surprise beaded jewelry. So, to enter, all you need to do is tell me so by leaving a comment or sending me an email (found under my complete profile link). In the comment/email I would like to know which yarn you would like, because if I get a lot of contestants, then I may make two pools and pick a winner for each yarn. Actually, I have asked M to do the drawing, and I plan to have him pick on the morning of the tenth. So all entries must be received by the end of November 9th (i.e. before midnight of the 10th) Pacific Time. I’m a pretty new blogger, so I don’t yet have a wide readership (that I know of), so the odds of winning are pretty high, so enter! Good Luck!

12 thoughts on “Contest Time!”

  • Happy early birthday! And what a nice contest you’re running. Both yarns are lovely and I’m sure the jewelry is as well. Congrats!

  • Happy birthday! I love the title of your blog.

    Count me in as interested in the contest too – that CTH looks just heavenly.

  • Happy Birthday! I’m a molecular biologist too, but I haven’t cultured cells anywhere except on the west coast (albeit at 4 different places).

    Both yarns look fabulous, but I’m not much of a mohair person.

  • Happy (almost) Birthday! I love contests. I’m in on the action. Both yarns look great, hmmmm mohair lace scarf or CTH socks… that’s a tough choice… But I’ve been complaining about not enough hand knit socks.

  • Hi! I am interested in the contest too! I love both yarns, but if I have to choose one, I’ll choose the CTH supersock!

  • Happy Birthday. You’ve got me hooked on the beading, and now I LOVE the hand knitted socks too. How wonderful of you to offer such a contest. Even if I “lose” I’ll still win because I’m sure I’ll get to see what you knit and bead anyway!

  • Happy (early) birthday! I hope it’s a great one.

    I’d love to enter your contest if it’s open to Canadians – if I’m the lucky winner, I’d prefer the sock yarn.

  • Happy (almost) Birthday! My hubby is mean about Christmas presents. Can’t open them until Christmas Day, while we can open Birthday presents early. Go figure.

  • Happy Birthday!
    My husband thinks I can read his mind, too (“I thought I told you…”). And he won’t even open b’day cards before his birthday, but doesn’t try to stop me from opening mine as they arrive.

    Sock yarn always welcome chez moi.

  • Happy early birthday! Mine’s a week after yours. Alas, I just found your contest, or I would’ve plugged it on ye olde blog…

  • Ooo! Happy birthday to you! I need socks. So um, yeah, the sock yarn!
    The jewelery sounds like such an interesting idea too….

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