Good Thing

It’s almost September! How did that happen? I may need a sweater in a couple of months. Good thing I have one on in progress!

Body Notre Dame de Grace pullover
This is the body and partially-unattached collar to Notre Dame de Grace by Veronik Avery from the Summer 2007 Interweave Knits. I’m knitting it in Cascade Ecological Wool, which is very wooly, and so I lurves it with a deep and abiding passion. Comments on Ravelry suggested that the sleeves were written very long, so I have seamed the shoulders and tried it on before attempting the sleeves. And since I need to make the sleeves 3 inches shorter than written, this was a good plan. Good thing I can do maths! (I like how the Brits and Canadians say maths instead of math–makes it sound so much harder.)

I also swatched for Amy Herzog’s lovely vest, Sebasco.
Sebasco swatch
Amy designs such attractive sweaters that there are many I would like to knit, but at this time, a vest, especially one that opens like a cardigan, is what I need, so Sebasco it is. The textured stitch is the daisy stitch from Barbara Walker, and it is fun to do and really a great look. The yarn is Wool of the Andes in claret heather: good thing I had this in stash. Amy knit hers in Ultra Alpaca for great drape, but my eyes and nose don’t let me do the alpaca thing. I really think my eyeballs will burst out of my head in a gush of tears if I ever handle baby alpaca again. Alpaca is not a good thing at chez Molecular Knitting.

However, a tasty cocktail is always a good thing (except perhaps for breakfast). This is a Royal Gingersnap.
Royal Gingersnap Cocktail
It’s royal because it calls for Crown Royal Canadian whiskey, and it’s gingersnap because it also contains Domaine Canton ginger liqueur. It has other things in it, especially something that makes it orange, probably OJ, but I don’t remember what they are exactly. I just pick out the cocktails and then drink them. M does all the technical stuff, including occasional maths with fractions.

And finally, what could more of a good thing than masses of flowers at the Sacramento Farmers’ Market?
Flowers at Sacramento Farmers' Market
Flowers at Sacramento Farmers' Market
The man who sells these is always beaming; growing acres of flowers must be good for the soul.

Thanks, BTW, for all the reading advice from my last post. I’ve been trying some things out in the graphic novels and space operas, and I’ll give an update soon.

Your recommendations please!

Over the years on the interwebs I’ve seen several of these book stacks, and they’ve always tickled me. I finally couldn’t resist making my own, as I have a bookish request to make.
Book stack #1
As I like to explore the world of reading, I would like to try a couple of things that I have no experience in.

First, I would like to read a graphic novel–one written as a graphic novel, not a classic novel made into a graphic novel. As for sub-genre, perhaps fantasy or urban fantasy? Any readers of graphic novels, suggest away!

Second, I would like to read a “space opera.” But which to choose? Looking at online reviews of perfect strangers is next to useless, as opinions for any given book tend to be polar opposites: “the best/worst space opera ever written!” “the shallowest/most in-depth characters ever!” “most imaginative/boring world-building in fiction!”
Your suggestions please!

On the knitting front, I am planning on knitting the Tsunami Sock from Knitted Socks East and West by Judy Sumner. The pair in the book are knit in a perfect stormy grey. But a grey tsunami is not for me. The question is do I want an orange tsunami or a teal tsunami? Such a difficult decision!
Tsunami yarn choices

I perhaps enjoy making book stacks a little too much:
Book stack #2