Milkweed Shawl Goes Out to Lunch (twice)

My sporadic blogging means I have been wearing FOs out and about without ever blogging them. Very bad form, I know. But let me show you one of my favorite FOs of the more recent past, the Milkweed Shawl designed by Laura Chau of Cosmicpluto Knits! I wore it on a blustery day this past week to take my knitting and work friend Elsie out to lunch to celebrate her birthday.
Elsie's Bday lunch: portrait
Elsie is wearing a sweater she knit herself in some Madeline Tosh worsted. I don’t remember the pattern, but one skein of the lot was much lighter than the others, so she made that the ribbing throughout the pattern. I think that worked out really well.

Then on Saturday, it was still blustery, and by that I mean gale force winds and heavy rain, so I wore it again on a shopping trip to Sacramento (otherwise short hair means a cold neck). I was eating a french fry when the below photo was snapped. I thought only M’s ice cream was in the frame.
Wearing Milkweed shawl
When trying to buy lunch a three o’clock in the afternoon, there aren’t many options that aren’t fast food, but ice cream is almost always available. That’s M’s “Mountain of Ice Cream.” He chose spumoni and pistachio. I hate spumoni, so he gets that when we are out. My small vanilla ice cream with raspberries is so small in comparison to his mountain that you can’t see it sitting right behind. I did also have french fries. I love salty fries along side ice cream (not in the same bite). The ice cream place is Leatherby’s in Sacramento, and they make their own ice cream, and it is delicious.

But as for the Milkweed Shawl, I love how it turned out! It stays around my neck really well, and the slightly scalloped shape looks interesting and hangs well. I didn’t think I would like knitting all that garter stitch, but there was just enough else going on, and the look was so great, I didn’t miss purling.
Stardust Milkweed
Stardust Milkweed detail
The Handmaiden Casbah yarn in Stardust was absolutely fabulous. It is such a pleasure to knit and wear! And the soft grey-blues of the Stardust colorway allows me to wear it with a lot of other colors. The colors remind me of faded denim. They aren’t quite as bright as the shot on the back of the red sofa, but the colors do change with the amount and color of the ambient light.

I have another skein of Casbah, and I would like many, many more. This has to be a top 10 yarn for me. But with the one I have, in Rose Garden, I see another Milkweed. The pattern is great and the shawl is very wearable.

And I can’t resist a shot of M with his ice cream (he is also soaking wet from the rain). That really is a mountain of ice cream. I guess they gave him the two cookies, in case the ice cream was not enough. 😉
M and mountain of ice cream

Photos from my Small Camera #1

I just cast-off a top-secret knitting project, which I can’t as yet show you. So, I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken with the small Canon ELPH camera that I keep in my purse. I bought it with some birthday money last fall, when I realized that out-and-about I often wanted to take a snapshot but hadn’t brought my super-duper DSLR camer with me.

Outside the parking garage at work, crows come to roost in the trees after dark from autumn through spring. This is early in the roosting, as only the top branches are taken. During these months, it is best to park in the garage and not in the lots with trees in them.
crows roosting in trees

We ate one night at a Moroccan restaurant, where in addition to eating with our fingers, we watched this woman belly-dance, shimmying with a brass bowl balanced on her head. Her posture and balance were amazing.
belly dancer at Moroccan restaurant

Outside our lab building the pink magnolia tree put on an amazing show before a rain storm beat all the flowers off the tree.
pink magnolia

M bought me a lovely white moth orchid, which I keep by my desk at work. He did this well after Valentine’s Day in place of flowers on that holiday, when the prices shoot up and the quality goes down.

This is our 7-foot tall ficus tree, which had just been returned outdoors from a winter indoors (which it hates–it sheds half its leaves inside). We got a winter storm that blew it over. The pot is cracked, so now we have to replant it. That will be a project.
fallen ficus

This is M this morning after righting the ficus tree. He’s pretending he’s enjoying the billionth day of rain and wind we’ve had here. This March has been terrible.
Michael on patio

I enjoy having the little camera with me to catch things on the fly, and I hope to share more of these in the future. M uses it too sometimes, and you may thank me that I did not show you any of his mouse dissection photos from the lab. Quite gruesome. Magnolias and orchids are much better!