Catching up in photos

April has been much more busy than I would like, and busy with picky, piddly stuff that drives even saints, which I am not, crazy. But progress and lovelies have been made and acquired despite April’s cruelty.

I cast off my purple and black Frost Diamonds shawl, but I’ve not been able to block it yet. To counter the void finishing this project left, I reached for some lovely crimson Malabrigo and knit up a quick Tamarind Cowl (Rav link) by Kristen Hanley Cardozo. I knit only two of the three repeats, but it is plenty long and cozy.
Tamarind Cowl in Malabrigo
While knitting it I could look at the orchids M has gotten to rebloom:
orchids: April 2010
I don’t know how he is so good at getting them to rebloom, but he certainly has a green thumb. I only hope selling his soul to the devil was not involved.
I also bought a bouquet of flowers at the Farmer’s Market in Sacramento, and two of the lilies turned out to be stark white and about 8 inches across in size. Their scent filled the entire living room.
white lily bouquet
I took this Peaks Island Hood I knit in Berroco Blackstone Tweed
Peaks Island Hood
And turned it into this:
Blackstone Tweed in wharf
It was too loose in the PIH and therefore was not warm at all. I had finished it before Christmas to take to Wisconsin over the holidays, but when it didn’t keep my head warm during an evening walk here in CA at 10+ degrees above freezing, I decided it had to go. I’ve (just) started Dryad by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed, which he knit in Blackstone Tweed. I am excited by cably, tweedy goodness.

Finally, we spent part of this past Sunday (the only non-raining Sunday we’ve had in April) at Folsom Lake, where the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains were visible in the distance. Yay! for lots of snow on the mountains. That helps alleviate our drought.
Folsom Lake and Sierra Nevada Mountains
Folsom Lake and shore
I hope your April so far has been peaceful and full of beauty.

One April Sock and a Nice Surprise

I’m already thinking about the socks I need to knit for Christmas gifts. I like to get them done early. Word back from last year’s gifts was that Berroco Sox proved unshrinkable in M’s grandmother’s laundry. I decided to order more, so I went shopping at The Loopy Ewe. I vaguely knew that they had a Loopy Groupie group, but I had no idea what that entailed. Apparently, with my new order, I now met the criteria. What a nice surprise on a Monday!
Loopy Groupie Bag
The Romney Ridge Farm thing you can see sticking up out to the red tissue paper is a sheep pin-up calendar. The April sheep is Pixie an Olde Babydoll Southdown-Columbia cross. She’s a cutie. I also received two sock patterns, candy, a stitch marker, the tote bag, and a gorgeous skein of sock yarn:
Batik Spice Fiber Optice Yarn
Fiber Optic Yarns, Foot Notes in Spice Batik

All this loot caused a conversation along these lines:
Me: Look at all I got!
M: Wow! You must have had to buy A LOT of yarn.
Me: Not so much! Just 2/3 of a dresser full. Over time.
M: *rolls his eyes* The Loopy Ewe people are good, smart business people. I wonder if they also own stock in IKEA or Rubbermaid storage bins…
Me: I made this order to purchase yarn to knit socks for YOUR MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER for Christmas.
M: Then why are there 5 skeins of yarn?
Me: To get free shipping!
M: *laughing* Very smart business people.

Now I just have to decide which yarn to go with which relative:
Christmas 2010 Sock Yarn

And what I want to knit for myself with these:
Madeline Tosh and Fiber Optic Sock Yarns
Madeline Tosh Sock in Jade and Fiber Optic Yarns, Foot Notes in Afternoon in Paris.

But first I have to finish my April pair of socks; I have one done:
Socks 2010: April: first sock