Socks 2010: February: Check!

My February Socks are done! Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn A. Clark from Favorite Socks. They turned out fine. Just fine.
Retro Rib Socks
I kind of hated knitting these. The stitch pattern is attractive if understated. It’s not mindless enough not to pay attention to it but not interesting/fun to knit. Tedious. But attractive.
Retro Rib Socks: stitch pattern
And the yarn, Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Blue Ox, is fine, but the tweedy bits are like lint more than part of the yarn. How’s that going to wear?
Retro Rib Socks: lousy tweed
So good riddance to February and on to March! I can’t decide which of my two single socks to finish. It’ll be a surprise. But in the meantime, I’ve decided to try some arch-shaping on a striped sock I started a while back:
Damsel Sock: plans
I’ll do the foot in stockinette, and it should all work out. I think the stripes might be fun with the shaping.

And I’m to the heel flap of the first Rib and Cable Sock, although you can’t tell that from the photo. Turn your back on a posed sock for a second, and it will just flop right over! But I still love how this is turning out.
Rib and Cable Sock: wip

I’m planning a pair of Calvin and Ripple socks, which are two different yet complimentary socks using Cat Bordhi’s Riverbed sock architecture. They were designed by Cristi, and they are named after her two orange tabbies Calvin and Ripple, and they look good in multi-colored yarn. I may knit two Ripple socks, which are top down. We’ll see. Right now I’m trying to pick a yarn. I have it narrowed down:
Ripple Sock yarn choices
Left to right: LL Shepherd Sock in South Shore, CTH Supersock in Spring Frost, STR Lightweight in Waterlilies, LL SS in Puple Iris, CTH SS in Potluck Purples and Huckleberry Knits Willow in Winesap.

This could take a while!

Progress Report: Frost Diamonds and Seussian Vine Scarf

My Frost Diamonds shawl in BMFA BFL Sport in the Corvid colorway has two repeats of Chart B done, so I am supposed to do the 8 rows of edging now. This is 1/4 of the shawl, which is shaped like a pentagon with one triangular fifth removed.
Frost Diamonds: 2 repeats of B
It’s too small I think (20 inches stretched dry along the increase lines), so I am going to do another repeat of B. I have enough yarn. Remember the giant ball of yarn? It’s now down to the size of a 400+ yd skein of sock yarn; I’ve used about 60% of it. I have a second skein too.
Frost Diamonds: yarn usage
Now that I finally understand how chart B creates the diamonds, I am doing pretty well on this. I did put in a lifeline after having to rip back twice screwing up the transition into chart B. Super glide dental floss is a BAD, BAD choice for a lifeline. It’s all slippery and curly; I don’t like it for dental floss either. Stitch markers to mark the middle stitch of each repeat keep everything straight.

I think this pattern is looking great in the Corvid, and I LOVE THIS YARN!
Frost Diamonds: detail

I have a new dark green rain coat, which goes well with some Mini Mochi I bought. Bowerbird Knits had a lovely scarf knit in some Zauberball Yarn, and I liked the look. I also knew the stitch pattern, and I even had it marked with a post-it in Barbara Walker #1, so I made a chart for the lace and cast on. The lace pattern combined with the colors reminds me of Dr. Seuss, so I’m calling it my Seussian Vine Scarf:
Seussian Vine Scarf: WIP
I have a 2-stitch garter edge on each side which is folding under, and I am hoping I will be able to block it that way and keep the side undulations. We’ll see.

Goodness, it nearly the cocktail hour! I must dash. Last night M and I had a Delmonico’s No. 1. I really like it; M is more ambivalent. He’s not much of a gin drinker, but I try not to hold that against him. 😉

Kitty No. 34 and some Stripey Socks

Kitty No. 34 returns
Hello! It’s me again–Kitty No. 34! You must be delighted to see me again! I’ve been spending the inclement weather of winter indoors, snug and warm. But now it’s Spring! Flowers and trees in bloom, Brenda is sneezing, but most importantly the weather is warm, and the pavement is dry. So I am out and about in the perfect weather. Or is the weather perfect because I am out and about? That must be it; that makes much more sense. I journeyed over from No. 34 to No. 30 to dig in the new mulch of Brenda’s and M’s garden and to let Brenda scratch around my chin and behind my ears. I behaved very graciously by purring a lot and shedding all over Brenda. Aren’t I just a perfect kitty! Yes, of course I am. Well, I think Brenda wants to talk to you about her sock knitting. What sorts of creatures need socks? Not perfect ones, that is for certain.

Even though I have spent time entertaining Kitty No. 34 on our patio, and getting coated in tabby fur in the process, I have made excellent progress on my February sock, the second Retro Rib:
Second Retro Rib Sock: gussets
The navy blue yarn makes it hard going in the evening to knit, so I decided, I was far enough along to risk starting a sock in lighter colors for late evening knitting when I don’t want hundreds of watts of light messing with my circadian clock.

For sentimental reasons I decided to knit a new pair of Rib and Cable Socks by Nancy Bush (IK, Fall 2005). In my very first blog post, I wrote about the first pair of these socks I had knit. However, they have succumbed to 3.5 years of wear.
Original Cable Rib Socks: holes

I’ve decided I should always have a pair of these socks, because they were the first socks I knit that were more than just a simple rib, and the Welsh heel and star toe were fun. I’m using some Panda yarn from Seacoast Handpainted Yarn in the Truffle colorway, which I bought eons ago. And it’s knitting up stripey!
Truffle Cable Rib Socks: leg
Well, it’s still daylight now, so I should work on my Retro Ribs or my Frosted Diamonds shawl, which is black. Much easier to see when I’ve repeated a double decrease instead of a single in the daylight. Don’t ask me how I know that.

Things I’ve Got

I’ve got a brand new yarn bowl! (This line can be sung to the melody of “I’ve got a golden ticket!” from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, and it can make you very happy. However, I don’t recommend singing this in front of a non-knitter spouse.)
Yarn Bowl
I bought this from the Knit Witch. I got the idea from Cristi, who is constantly flaunting her yarn bowls on her blog, Turtlegirl’s Bloggy Thing. When I started knitting with the giant ball of Corvid BFL Sport, I knew I needed some yarn management, and this yarn bowl works wonderfully! I am so pleased I used a little Christmas money to buy it. It’s a beautiful blue inside!
Yarn bowl: interior
And speaking of Cristi influences, she knits gorgeous socks, especially with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock sock yarn. So naturally I had to get some. And now I’ve got my first pair of 2010 socks.
2010 January Socks

January 2010 socks
That’s Mediumweight STR in Faulty Dyer, which is a quirky but happy colorway. There’s an odd bit of green, but I love the warm yellow and the coral with the dark burgundy. I made this “pattern” up at 56-st for the leg and 52 for the foot on US 2 needles. It’s a simple P2,K2,P1,K2 rib and an Eye of Partridge heel flap.
2009 was not a banner sock year. I knit only 5 pairs last year for myself, and I had 3 old pairs bite the dust. AND my wonderful Gothic Rose Embossed Leaves got a big HOLE in the cuff the first time I put them on to actually wear (I have to fix this, but we’ll discuss that another time). So in 2009 I gained one pair of socks. I’ve had to buy socks at Target. The shame! Plus I don’t like them very much.

This year, I want a new pair each month! I have three singles, so my plan is to start with those. As soon as I get the month’s sock done, I can knit on whatever other socks I want for the rest of that month. I hope then each month, I only have a single sock that has to get knit to get a new pair. We’ll see how it goes, but February is off to a good start, because I’ve got half the cuff done on the second Retro Rib Sock in Knit Picks Essential Tweed in Oxblood blue.
WIP: Retro Rib Socks
Knit on!