Fibery Birthday Presents

Last week Tuesday, November 10, was my 46th birthday. It was a wonderful day thanks to M especially and all my friends and family! It was an odd birthday, in that it is the only one I can remember in which I didn’t receive a single book (parents are retired literature teachers). I made up for this by ordering The Knitter’s Book of Wool by Clara Parkes that evening. 🙂 But I did get some sock yarn for presents. I also got a 50 mm lens for our new camera that I can use at f/1.4 if I need to. I thought Santa Claus was going to bring that lens, but M worked it out with Santa so I wouldn’t have to wait. They’re both great guys in my book. But lets look at the yarn photographed with my new lens.

From my friend ELC, I got two skeins of sock yarn:
Berroco sock yarn from Elsie
Berroco Sox in a purple-pink-grey stripey combo. I am so in the mood for stripey socks!
And to match a spring sweater I own that is bright green, she gave me a skein of Tofutsies, as she knows I like it for warmer weather socks. I am thinking of knitting the Insidious socks by limedragon with this yarn (Rav link).
Tofutsies from Elsie

When my SIL, Teresa, asked what I would like, I suggested a skein of STR lightweight in whichever multicolor wave colorway she chose. That way I’d get a skein of STR lightweight, which I haven’t had (crazy, I know!), but the color would be a surprise. She chose Sea Mar which has some lovely, soft colors.
STR Lightweight in Sea Mar from Teresa

Now I’ve told myself that if I knit for 30 min on some Christmas gift socks for M’s grandmother, I can then cast on the Berroco stripey socks. It will mean that some single socks may wait a little longer for a mate, but the stipes can’t wait!

New Camera

After about six months of discussion and dithering, M and I bought a digital SLR camera last week. Long ago I’d had a film SLR camera, and I missed what it could do that even my fancy point-and-shoot couldn’t. So we are now owners of a Canon Rebel T1i, and we are enjoying it immensely and learning how to make it do what we want.

Sunday we took it on a walk along the American River in Sacramento on the Jedidiah Smith Loop Trail.
Jedidiah Smith Loop Trail
The Trail
Since it was a loop trail and the American River is long, we had to cross the river on a bridge. As a general rule, I am not fond of crossing bridges, but I was brave.
Me on Guy West Bridge
I wasn’t supposed to block the sun with the bridge beam’s shadow, however. M had to do some Aperture magic to make me have any face at all. But the view from the Guy West Pedestrian Bridge was lovely.
American River in Sacramento

At home, I even managed to get a photo, albeit blurry, of our shy neighbor, Oliver.
Oliver by herbs
“I am not here. You cannot see me. I am a plant not an orange kitty.” Oliver.
Before I could get another shot, he was over the fence.

And then, the camera seems to take lovely shots of yarn.
Handmaiden Casbah in Seashore
Handmaiden Casbah in Seashore