FO: Embossed Leaves Socks

I’ve had very little time or energy for knitting in the past few weeks, but I did manage to finish my Embossed Leaves socks. My favorites!
Embossed Leaves Socks
What a pretty sock this pattern makes! I especially like the star toe completing the shape of the final leaves. I did a few mods, mostly based upon mods Weezalana does. She knits wonderful socks (among other things); if you don’t follow her blog and you love to knit socks, you are missing out! For mods, I did a long-tailed, not tubular, cast-on, as I couldn’t make the picture in the book and the written directions mean the same thing, and I wasn’t in the mood to fuss. I didn’t break the yarn at the heel–I couldn’t see why that was a good idea (weaving in ends is fun?). I decreased the purl stitches between repeats and at the edge of the instep so my sock foot was 60 not 64 stitches, so when I got to the toe, I didn’t decrease in the first decrease round, just purled for P2tog. I also knit the first three repeats of the leg on size 2 needles, the second three on size 1.5 needles and then switched to size 1 for the remainder.

Best of all the Dream in Color Smooshy in Gothic Rose matches my new shoes, whose color is listed on the box as Vampire Red. My feet are trying to go Goth.
Embossed Leaves Socks: with shoe
I really love the Smooshy yarn. The color saturation is wonderful, and the twist is superb. It is very soft, yet it makes a very firm fabric at 8 spi, and it doesn’t look too thin at a looser gauge in the leg. I am hoping this bodes well for the longevity of these socks.
Embossed Leaves Socks: toe
Perhaps soon we will have weather cool enough for me to wear them!


I do not have a true LYS. We had two: one run by a wonderful lady and one run by a different lady. The wonderful lady got pregnant with triplets and closed. I bought a lot of yarn in her store. The other lady closed her store for reasons unknown, and I didn’t buy anything at her deep discount, going out of business sale. I think you get the picture. About a month ago I found out that Vacaville (only 20 miles away) had a yarn store, called Spin A Yarn. This past weekend I checked it out. Not knowing anything about the store, I didn’t take my camera, but you can get a good idea by clicking the link above. Parri, the owner, was very friendly and welcoming and happy to let me browse. There was a nice selection of yarn, and I picked out a few goodies to buy:
Mini Mochi
Parri said many of her customers just had to have Mini Mochi to knit a diagonal scarf, and I think I will do something similar. It is very soft and pretty–the color saturation is fantastic, but I’m not sure the single ply would make good socks. But I know my other purchase will make great socks:
CTH Supersock: lottery
This is my beloved CTH Supersock in a “lottery” color. The skein looked a wee bit bedraggled, but it was very clean, and I liked this Easter-colored mix. I am not in general a pastel fan, but these colors were clear and soft without being cutesy. I’ll be shopping at Parri’s shop again!
After I got home, Kitty No. 34 stopped by and sat on my lap. She does this when she wants her chin scritched (and when I am wearing both dark and light colored clothes so maximum shedding shows). She is a purring machine.
Kitty No. 34 on lap
Of course, I purr magnificently! How could such a wonderful cat like myself do anything less splendid?

Later, there was a gorgeous sunset.
Sunset: UC Davis farm 10-03-09
I’d like a sock yarn with all those colors!