Blue, blue, my socks are blue…

Here are the last six pairs of socks I’ve knit for myself:
Dark Blue Socks
They are nice socks and they fit well. Two thirds of them are blue. And rather the same blue at that.
Many of my readers know that I tend to knit socks non-sequentially. I’ll knit two separate single socks before knitting either second. So here’s two of my single socks:
Single Socks
Apparently, my personal sock “color story” is blue with some green. Blue is not my favorite color. I like blue well enough; it’s nice and versatile. But  I’m in a blue rut, and now I’m digging my way out:
Embossed Leaves Socks: WIP
Embossed Leaves–what a wonderful pattern! DIC Smooshy in Gothic Rose–what a wonderful non-blue color! Second sock is already OTN–in fact I’m through the gusset decreases, contrary to the photo.
Damsel sock yarn
Damsel Sock cuff
Vesper Sock Club Yarn from Knitterly Things in Damsel. Turquoise (which a shopkeeper in London told me to pronounce tur-kwaaaahhhzz) doesn’t count as blue. It’s fun! It’s stripey! No blue! The pattern is chevron welt from Sensational Knitted Socks.
Toe Jamz: Eleanor Rigby
Crazy Monkey Sock WIP
Toe Jamz by Happy Hands Yarn in Eleanor Rigby. That’s purple–not blue! I’m serious. NOT BLUE.  Another pair of Monkey socks. Nice yarn. Good dye job–intense color and good transitions.

I’m going to have to knit the second navy tweed sock some day. But not today.


Kitty No. 34: from above
Thank you for all your kind exclamations to my spectacular hunting prowess and overall magnificence! I am always pleased to hear from humans with the good sense to recognize I am a force of nature. Brenda told me to try for a little modesty in this post. I think I’ve done that superbly!

Yes, well, perhaps the least said the better concerning Kitty No. 34’s modesty. Let’s talk buttons! The Nubby Cardi sleeves and fronts are blocking. You may remember I was at a bit of a loss for buttons for periwinkle yarn. You had many good ideas, but I went bold. I went contrast. I got Shelby of Heartstone Ceramics to make me some killer buttons!
Buttons for Nubby Cardi
Do you know how hard it is to photograph periwinkle knitting with lime green + aqua buttons?! The buttons should be greener (less yellow) and the yarn purpler and bluer, but after several exposures with different color balance options, this is as good as it gets today.

But the buttons are perfect for the casual, fun look I want. Shelby was fantastic! Very cheerful and interested and pleased as punch to do a custom order. This is her Jonah button, and it isn’t what I originally convo’d her about. I wanted her make a pastel version of the periwinkle in a different style. She was cool with that, but she asked me to look at a couple of her color washes to see what effect I would like best, and that is when I found the lime green with aqua Jonah buttons and had to have them.

I hope to have this project done soon, and I am trying not to think about the 179 st x 10 inch collar. That should go fast, shouldn’t it?