Kitty No. 34 Speaks!

Kitty No. 34
Hello, I’m Kitty No. 34. I’m here to distract you from the fact that Brenda doesn’t have any real knitting progress to show you. Something about hot, dry August weather, blah, blah. blah. Now back to me. No, No. 34 isn’t my real name. I just live at unit 34. My people there got me to rid them of some mice. I killed 7 mice and 1 rat the first day I was there! Then they named me Cissy. Really, people? Cissy? 7 mice and 1 rat in 24 hours. Cissy. Sheesh!
Kitty No. 34: mittens
Yes, I am very pretty with my tabby stripes, white bib, socks and mittens. I visit Brenda and M at their place, which is No. 30, because their grill makes it easy for me to get on the roof. They also live next to Unit No. 29, which has a nectarine tree and a peach tree. It also has college student tenants who don’t know to pick the fruit and let it fall to the ground. Rats like that. I like rats.

I killed a young rat during one of Brenda and M’s dinner parties (M had trapped the mother the day before). They and their guests were enjoying coffee and dessert out on the patio. They wondered why I ignored them and was so intent on the corner of their deck. Humans are stupid. I heard a rat, and I waited for it to come out from under the deck. When it did, in less time then it takes to say “one hippopotamus” I had killed it. One pounce and a little squeal from the rat and it was all over–for the rat that is. I trotted to the fence with my treat, jumped it (It’s over a 5 foot jump, and I’m about a 10 inches at the shoulder. Yes, I am spectacular.) and was over the top. I heard applause as I went over. I deserved them, of course.
Kitty No. 34: walking
Well, I’m outta here. I have vermin to kill. I’m Kitty No. 34, and that’s my story.

More Reading than Knitting

Every mid-summer I seem to go through a knitting lag. It seems like it will always be hot and dusty, and the weather will never be cool enough to wear wool socks or sweaters. I have finished the first sleeve on my Nubby Cardigan, and I’m half way up the left front, but I’ve got ennui like Mayhem. However, I can always turn to my first love: reading.

First, I know some of my readers have Celiac’s Disease or know people who do. The August issue of Scientific American has an excellent article on  the most recent research into the causes of CD, and new avenues for medication. The online the article doesn’t have the great figures that Scientific American is known for, but the text is all there. I think most libraries carry SA.

Second, I can be found on LibraryThing and on Goodreads. If you are at either, come by and friend me! I have M’s and my complete library (except for one bookcase–the ennnui thing) on LibraryThing, so I use it as a big catalog of our entire library. However, I find certain things awkward on LT, although the ability to use a barcode scanner to entire books is a real plus, that I don’t use it for keeping track of my current reading. For that I use Goodreads. I have always kept track of what I’ve read each year from birthday to birthday, so only the books I’ve read this past year are on Goodreads on shelf 45. On my next birthday, I’ll start a shelf 46. I’m really behind on the number of books I’ve read so far this “year.” But I’ve been doing a lot of reading that isn’t a complete book. For example I have a lot of sock knitting books, which I don’t read cover to cover:
Sock Books
However, perusing them lately I’ve realized that I haven’t knit a single pair of socks from some of them! I plan on redressing that issue. So, I sit by my sock yarn stash paging through the patterns and looking for the right sock yarn. Hopefully, as soon as I recover from my ennui, I’ll get more socks knit from these books.

I also have some yarn that I just can’t seem to find the right sweater pattern for, so I’ve gotten out these books and am studying the chapters on sweater fit and design.
Sweater Books
Any other suggestion of other books on this topic, are welcome. However, I don’t need more sock books at this time!

Finally, I’ve been paging through these books for the perfect recipes:
Cookie Books
The Spice Cookbook is my favorite. My mom has a copy that she received as a wedding gift back in 1962. I kept emailing for more recipes from that book, so she and my brother found me a used copy online and gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. Cookies may seem a simple thing to bake, but they’re my favorite sweet, and I like to bake the tastiest cookies possible.

So, what do you like to read? Do you have summer knitting ennui? A favorite sweet or cookie? Take a second to leave a comment.