I think it is usually best to start with the bad news and the work up to the good. So here goes…
Update 1: Despite everyone’s well wishes, the career opportunity for M (and myself) did not turn out to be what we needed. Therefore, we are staying put for now. We do appreciate all the support everyone gave us.

Update 2: Our AC was out and the weather has been hot, so I haven’t seamed my mohair cardi yet. I  got hot just thinking about handling all those big, hairy sweater pieces. The AC should now be fixed, but I have to get back in the mood to seam.

Update 3: The Leaf Lace Shawl in “sunlit glade” Sea Silk is off the needles, has gone for a bath–
Leaf Lace Shawl: in the suds
–and is now blocking. This is my first lace where I really had to put some tension into the blocking. I hope to show it off soon. I have even purchased a shawl pin that thematically fits with the shawl.

Update 4:
Spring Monkey Socks
The Spring Monkey Socks are done! I really like them. The yarn, from a local dyer, just knit up so beautifully without any odd pooling. And these socks fit my feet really well too.
Spring Monkey Socks: on feet
Modifications to the pattern: Knit cuff and first 3 lace repeats on 2.75 mm (US 2) needles, knit the rest of the leg on 2.5 mm (US 1.5) needles and then switched to 2.25 (US 1) needles for the rest. Did a slip stitch not stockinette heel flap. Decreased gussets so foot was 60 not 64 stitches. After 6 repeats of lace on the foot, knit 6 rounds plain and then did the toe. These mods gave me a perfect fit; I like the needle size changes for the leg where decreases would mess the stitch pattern up too much.

Update 5: My sock knitting has entered a purple period.
Purple Sock Yarns