Hibernation Basket

Hibernation Basket
The Hibernation Basket: where naughty and/or disappointing WIPs go to await judgement. Shall we be brave and look at what is inside?
FLS in Hibernation Basket
Part of a February Lady Sweater. Lovely pattern. Lovely yarn color. The garter yoke fits. The yarn is NOT NICE. Not nice at all. It deplies itself, and it BREAKS. I’ve never had a knit stitch just break in the middle as I inserted the right needle into the loop. But this yarn did it at no apparent flaw. I had to tink back all the way to the broken stitch, and then back past it to create an end long enough to work in (>200 stitches all told). Not fun. The yarn (discontinued Bryspun Kin ‘n’ Ewe) is also scratchy, and I don’t think Cascade 220 or Wool of the Andes are the least bit scratchy. As far as this sweater in this yarn is concerned, the Hibernation Basket may be more of a hospice basket.
Lizard foot sock
A sock that makes my foot look like a lizard foot. My original plan was to do the cuff in this very narrow, long basketweave stitch pattern (Stanfield 10), and then do a standard slip stitch heel and a stockinette foot. I thought it would look veggie-like and organic. Somewhere along the line, I kept the heel flap in the pattern stitch and even did the pattern stitch on the gussets (do not try this; it is a mistake; it makes one’s foot look very fat). Very nasty all round. Going to the frog pond. I thought this Eat Your Veggies from Claudia’s Hand Painted would be brighter knit up.
Kiri with Yarn
Kiri! How sad! I’ve become allergic to the Suri alpaca! Baby alpaca and suri alpaca make my hands itch and my eyes water. I can’t stand to touch it. I so love the color of this yarn, a bright, true Christmas red, and I really liked how Kiri was turning out. But I can’t have it around at all. In fact, if any reader would like Kiri and it’s yarn, email me or leave a comment. It’s Frog Tree 100% brushed suri. I had 1000 meters (5 skeins), and Kiri so far is about one skein (7-9 repeats done–I really don’t want to handle it and count), so there are 800 meters untouched.
Dainty Bess WIP
Dainty Bess in Malabrigo laceweight! How did this end up at the bottom of the Hibernation Basket?! I like this project (even if it’s a little dull to knit) and I love the yarn and color. Out of the Hibernation Basket! Into a WIP basket! I hesitated in confronting my hibernating projects, but I’m glad I did, as I had completely forgotten about this little gem. I guess I should scroll down my projects page on Rav more often.

My Computer Got a Fever…

This is a long story, but I hope I have made it amusing.  I do promise to show a little knitting at the end.

All was going swimmingly here at Molecular Knitting, but then my computer CPU got a fever and shut itself down.  Repeatedly.  We’re talking over 240 degrees Fahrenheit fever.  It wasn’t pretty.  Archie, my computer’s sobriquet (after Archie Goodwin in the Nero Wolfe mysteries), went to Houston for Apple to fix (we have Apple Care).  Archie needed a new logic (mother) board and two new fans. Fine–I didn’t have to pay for it.  But then the Apple Care people forgot to send Archie back! After being prompted by M (yikes!), they sent it back overnight. On Thursday, July 3rd.  How nice.

So, you are thinking, well you got your computer on Monday, July 7, so why is it July 24 when you finally blog?  Well…I think I would have received Archie back on Monday, July 7 if DHL had delivered it to the address on Archie’s box, which was the department I work in at the university.  However, since “almost all” the Apple computers coming back from the repair place in Houston go to the Apple Store (30 miles from where I work and live), that is where the courier took my computer.  When I complained, DHL sent the courier back to the Apple Store  and told me I would get Archie back on Tuesday morning, July 8 (and they were very sorry).  Well…I think I would have received Archie back on Tuesday morning, July 8 if the Apple Store hadn’t denied having my computer, and the courier then let the matter drop. When I didn’t get Archie Tuesday morning, I called DHL, where I was told that they would try to get me Archie by Wednesday morning, July 9.  Uh, No. DHL would retrieve my computer and deliver it to me on Tuesday, July 8.  Giovanni at DHL was very upset, so I spoke to his boss, who was very apologetic and promised to call me back in 15 minutes.  1 hour later, I called again, and the boss was at lunch.  I told Giovanni I expected his boss to return my call by 2 o’clock.  At 2:15, I called, and the boss was very apologetic and claimed to have lost my phone number.  He would go HIMSELF to the Apple Store to get Archie, and Archie would be delivered to my home that evening.  Since M had recalled Apple Care, the Apple Store had found my computer (like magic!).  And DHL delivered Archie to me at home that evening, twelve days after leaving.

Archie had had his hard drive wiped. Time Machine took overnight to put it all back on.  Then M went to install the software update (needed for work) that he had been installing when Archie got his fever.  Guess what?!  Archie overheated several times, shutting himself down. M did all sorts of things to make sure we didn’t have a corrupt operating system, blah, blah, blah.  Then he told me to do the best I could for a week  while the computer recorded it’s temperature (and M finished a grant).  Well, Archie didn’t overheat, but his trackpad was now BROKEN. It had been fine before his trip to Houston.  Now the trackpad tried to scroll sometimes when it wasn’t supposed to, so moving the cursor in Excel meant I didn’t really move the cursor, but the worksheet would scroll from column C to column UUU.  Nice.

M called back Apple Care.  Words were exchanged. I didn’t understand much of it, but I know that when M said things like “Does Steve Jobs know you are telling people to manually reinstall and not to use Time Machine?” and “This is not Apple Corporation at its finest,”  M was mad. Apple Care said they would like Archie back.  So back he went, and this time Apple Care didn’t forget to send him back, and DHL had learned that they needed to deliver Archie to the correct address the FIRST time.  So, in less than 72 hours Archie was back with me again.  His trackpad is working, and they didn’t wipe the hard drive, so M didn’t have to update any more software.  So for now, we are back in business.

While Archie was gone, I read a lot and knit a lot.  But as this is a long post, let’s just take a little peak at my second attempt at the yoke from the February Lady Sweater by Pam of Flint Knits.  I changed my raglan increases to YO, K1, YO (from M1, K1, M1) and will do them until I get enough body stitches (no row of eyelet increases for those familiar with the pattern).  The yoke as written in the pattern was too short for me.  Reading From the Top Down by Barbara Walker (recommended by Pam for this project) helped me see how I could fix this (btw–BW has a top down, seamless, set-in sleeve method that I am dying to try).
February Lady Sweater yoke
There are two great things for me about this project other than the whole getting a cute sweater out of the deal. First, the pattern is free. Second, the yarn is almost free. It’s Bryspun Kid ‘n’ Ewe (discontinued) that I bought SEVEN years ago when I first learned to knit. I was supposed to buy lace weight and I bought worsted weight because I was confused about the whole stitches per inch thing when knitting lace (skinny yarn, big needles–how odd!). Yarn seven years in stash is free in my book. So, I’m hoping this works out–a double free sweater!

I also have two FOs and I’ve made some significant sock progress, but that will have to wait. I hope Archie hangs in there, so I can tell you about those things soon.

Happy Knitting!