Fiberlicious Appetizers

Three times I took photos of these three yarns on my favorite banana leaf appetizer plate and bowl. And this morning, outside on the patio was the one time things turned out the least bit presentable. I also hoped to be able to take a new picture of me in my new glasses and short hair (the short hair has been around for several months) for Ravelry and my “about me” pages. However, after finding an actually cool pair of frames at Lenscrafters last night (Versace!), they didn’t have the lenses with the anti-glare coating in stock for those frames. So, the new me in the new specs will have to wait for the lenses. As I usually end up with the most boring frames in the place so my “delicate” features don’t get overwhelmed, I was pretty excited to find frames that M and I both liked that weren’t dull, dull, dull. But here I blather on, when all you want to do is see the yarn!

Yarn Appetizers

In the bowl is Koigu P126. It’s my first Koigu, and the colors are very pretty, rich and dark. We should look at it up close. This will become socks for ME! I am thinking of using Kate Gilbert’s Marina Piccola pattern, which is twisty and cool. But I may change my mind, as I am prone to doing that.
Koigu P126

On the plate are Fearless Fibers merino lace weight in Jimi Hendrix and Seacoast Handpainted merino/tencel in Baltic. The Jimi Hendrix, of which I have 2 skeins, is for the Orchid Mitts and Scarf from Knitspot. The photos are also posted to the Fiberlicious Group on Flickr.

Fearless Fibers Jimi Hendrix

I think the orchid mitts will go really well with what I want to knit as a big project (more than 1000 yd of yarn involved) after I finish the minimalist cardi. I don’t want to jinx the project though so I’m not going to say more, except that I hope my stashed Bryspun Kid ‘n’ Ewe will coordinate with the skirt I ordered from Eddie Bauer, that it gives me gauge and that I can figure out the two lines in the Fall VK pattern I don’t understand. If that all works out (and the skirt fits!), and I can find 8 cool buttons, well then I have a next project. But I don’t want to say too much and jinx things…

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