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I’ve learned something about myself. I should never sign up for knit-alongs. It’s Summer of Socks 2007, and my interest in knitting socks has vanished. The last time this happened was last October when I “took part” in Socktoberfest. I don’t know what my problem is, and I really don’t want to try to figure it out. I wanted to give Pete her socks this evening at our bookclub’s “we finished another book” dinner out, but they weren’t done. It is July, and we are in California, so it’s not a big deal, but it would have been nice… Anyway, one sock is done and the second started:


While knitting the gusset, I decided that if the yarn started spiral striping after the gusset decreases were done, I could deal with the gusset pooling. I was very happy when the striping picked back up. Now I just need to power through the second sock.

My second WIP (and by WIP I mean things I’ve knit this past week–cheating, I know, but there it is) is the Victorian Lace Today scarf with Clarence Border knit in the Habu silk. I finished 2.5 repeats of the border for 5 points and symmetrical double YO triangles (the dreaded YOYO, Lorraine!), and then started the drop stitch body of the scarf. Pretty, I think, but not really requiring thought or even consciousness to knit.


The sonorous drop-stitch prompted me to play around yesterday evening with some yarn from stash. Originally I bought this thick-and-thin yarn to knit a scarf, but I have so many knit and planned scarves, that I needed something a bit different. I thought of mitts, no doubt coming to mind due to the hot July weather, and I just played around producing this prototype:


The cuff is too short and would be better as 1×1 not 2×2 rib. I started the thumb gusset a round or two too soon, and the thumb should be one stitch larger around. I should have made the whole thing 3-4 rounds longer. Otherwise, I like it. The thick-thin yarn creates a texture I like, and the fact that I knit it on size 10.5 needles, made it a very fast knit. I’ll start over with the mods and have nice warm mitts for those dog days of summer.

I’m very much in the mood to start a thick wool sweater, so who knows what will be a WIP next Wednesday.

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  • What is it about the hot days of summer that makes me long to knit a thick, warm sweater? Isn’t that backwards? I knit a Kaffe Fassett jacket last summer. Talk about thick and warm! Cast on late yesterday for a wooly pullover.

    Just lock me up now. LOL

    You know, it would have been nice to be able to hand over the socks, but they’ll keep. Can’t wear ’em now, anyway. The scarf is lovely so far. The mitts are wonderful! Love that thick-thin yarn. It makes such a nice texture.

  • I’m the same way when it comes to KAL’s – I’m all gung-ho when I sign up, then… I think it’s knitting “under pressure”, I much prefer sticking to my own timelines. But, who’s to say I won’t find one that I’ll actually want to join!

    Your lace is beautiful!

  • Believe it or not, while I’m still knitting socks, I’ve got a terrible itch to do other stuff too! I guess that’s the way it goes. The socks and scarf are really pretty. Sounds like you’ve got things figured out on the mitt too.

  • I completely agree about joining knitalongs! The Mystery Stole is on hiatus (for me) right now. The socks are looking great, as is the Habu scarf!

    The colors in the mitts are so cool and refreshing – maybe as long as the colors are cool, we can knit with thick wool in the summer?

  • I’m having the same problem with knit-alongs! I joined the Amazing Lace last summer and Mystery Stole 3 this summer and I promptly became uninterested in the projects.

    I really like the mitts and am looking forward to seeing them with mods. The colors in the yarn are beautiful!

  • Oh yes. There’s nothing like a knitalong to kill my interest in the project completely. šŸ˜‰ It’s a curse!

    Youre scarf is looking quite lovely, though. šŸ™‚

  • I was more excited about knitting socks when it was my decision to do it šŸ™‚ Oh, well.

    Is the drop stitch part the main bulk of the scarf? If so, I hope it goes by quickly!

  • Crazy gusset pooling there – but I do love the spiraling. I’m usually the same with knitalongs. Surprised I’m doing as well as I am with Sockamania.

  • I’ve never done a knitalong quite as huge as the Summer of Socks — I can imagine how it would feel like an obligation, instead of a choice, though. Maybe you can sign up for knitalongs that are the opposite of what you really want to accomplish. You know, if you want to knit socks, sign up for a sweater knitalong. Er, never mind. The scarf looks lovely! Good luck plugging through the drop stitch bits. šŸ™‚

  • Lots if pretty knits happening here. I am doing SOS, but I can’t just knit socks. It wouldn’t be fair to all of the laceweight in my stash….

  • Brenda- I think you may have touched on a peculiar phenomenon about KAL’s. That always happens to me. Instead of feeling inspired, I feel pressured, and that takes the fun out of everything.

    The Habu lace is so pretty.

  • Neato! šŸ™‚ I’ve never joined a knit-along. Too much pressure for me. If I don’t tell someone I’m making something for them, it goes off without a hitch… but as soon as they know, its like I lose every ounce of drive I have to get it done. Its crazy.

    Love the socks though! I’m one of the weird ones who actually likes pooling.
    Go figure. šŸ˜›

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